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Pods are a type of currency that was released in version 2021.11.9 alongside Beans and Stars.


Pods are used to buy cosmetics within Cosmicubes. Each Cosmicube uses a different type of Pod that is themed around its contents. Pods used for one Cosmicube are incompatible with another, which means they cannot be transferred between them. The Cosmicube must be activated in order to receive the Pods, which are earned after every round.

List of Pods

Pod Cosmicube
MIRA currency icon.png MIRA Cosmicube
Polus currency icon.png Polus Cosmicube
Airship currency icon.png Airship Cosmicube
Arcane currency icon.png Arcane Cosmicube
Treat currency icon.png Treat Cosmicube
Trick currency icon.png Trick Cosmicube
Innersloth currency icon.png Innersloth Cosmicube
Snowflake currency icon.png Snowflake Cosmicube
Snowbean currency icon.png Snowbean Cosmicube