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This article is for the map.
For the planet of the same name, see Polus (planet).

Polus, also known as Polus Outpost, is the third map in Among Us, which is set on the planet Polus as a planetary base.


Man the expedition to the research base on Polus. A planet far away from any would-be Impostors.


Development and Release

The map trailer was released on November 1, 2019, confirming to have new tasks and Sabotages as well new fixes and anti-hack improvements.[1] Innersloth confirmed that it would be released the same way that they released MIRA HQ, as additional paid content.[2] It was officially released on November 12, 2019, costing US$4 and required players to update Among Us to its 2019.11.12 version.[3]


Polus is one of the MIRA expeditions to the planet of the same name, whose climate varies between polar and volcanic temperatures. In the area, there are several buildings, each with its own function. the area has its own oxygen supply, which is monitored and adjusted using a computer. There is also a storage room, a weapons room, in which it is equipped with a double long-range cannon monitored by a computer, an administration room in which it has a unique identification system for each crew member. There is also a monitor that monitors each player's vital signs through unknown means. you can also find the emergency button in the Office. The expedition appears to have its own entertainment system, as a TV with a screen saver can be seen, although it does not appear to be connected to anything or inactive. On the left of the map there is the electrical, which supplies energy to the entire installation through several high voltage power generators, a system of cameras spread across almost the entire map, a boiler room and a room that stores oxygen cylinders. in the upper right corner there is the laboratory, which has a mining drill, a long-range telescope, a temperature adjuster and a decontamination room. This room leads to a specimen wing, which has several containers with unknown organisms and alien rocks, being a crucial part of the expedition. The facility also has a communications system that can be assumed to maintain contact with MIRA headquarters, as well as an extremely slow Wi-Fi system that needs to be restarted from time to time, possibly due to interference from the planet. Each building door has a special locking system that requires keys to unlock for security.

When starting the map, the Dropship will be parked and open, with its engines off. the exterior has high amounts of snowfall and subzero temperatures. several climate modules can be found outside. A pit of lava can also be found, into which the most voted crew members are thrown and die a slow and painful death.

It is possible to notice mining activities at the site, with a drill that can be found near the laboratory, with the need for seismic stabilizers, and the setting up of a dedicated room to analyze organisms found, indicating that the expedition aims to extract minerals from the planet. several holes can also be seen that serve as ventilation. The expedition also requires frequent temperature recordings, with several specific panels scattered around that need to be adjusted from time to time. it also seems to suffer from the actions of the planet, such as the before mentioned slow Wi-Fi system, the extreme cold in which specific clothing is required, the need for decontamination, the enormous amount of volcanic actions that can be fatal for the crew and the notably limited supplies.



Dropship is the main spawn point for players when they start the match, which is practically the lobby of a match before starting it, similar to The Skeld's ship. The place is empty, just a door that possibly leads to the pilot. Next to the engines, there are two gas tanks.


Electrical is an upside-down, L-shaped room at the top-left corner of the map. It has an exterior section that contains the actual electrical equipment. Under that is a vent. It has a door at the top-right corner that leads outside, a door at the bottom of it that leads to O2, and a doorway at the top-left that leads to Security.


Outside is the planetary base's outer area, being located practically from the right exit of Office, with a lava pit, several pilasters of climatic modules, among other things. When voted out in emergency meetings, players are thrown into the lava pit.


Office is the main spawn point for players after an emergency meeting, where it is connected to Admin and contains several items such as a gallon of water. A vent is located next to Office's left entrance.


O2 is a small room located on the leftmost side of the map, near Security. Inside are a vent, and a tree. There is a window on the right-hand side of the room; however, it is not transparent.


Admin is a medium-sized room located near Office's discussion table and near the western Decontamination. There is a table for Admin and a screen with the DVD logo bouncing in different directions, which might be a reference to the TV screensaver image.

Boiler Room

Boiler Room is a room encompassed in O2. It has many wires on the walls and a water jug that can be seen on the left. There are also two waterways going into a water pool.


Communications is located near Weapons. It is a small room with a small table and a big screen, and a WiFi Panel at the left.


Decontamination has two different locations, one is at Admin and the other at Laboratory. It functions just like its MIRA HQ counterpart. The doors open and lead into Specimen Room.


Laboratory is an area located in the upper-right corner of the map. It is connected to MedBay.


On Polus, MedBay is a medium-sized room that is only mentioned in tasks. Otherwise, it is encompassed by Laboratory. It contains a scanner and hospital beds. The beds appear as if they have a table next to them.


Security is a tiny room on the upper left side of the map. It has a computer screen that allows Security access.

Specimen Room

Specimen Room is located near the bottom-right of Polus. To access it, players have to pass through one of the small Decontamination rooms in either Admin or Laboratory, then walk through a long empty hallway. The room features windows that let players see Outside from within.


Storage is a small, isolated room with only a gallon of fuel and a few boxes, along with a vent, which is connected to the vents in Office and the one near Communications. A window is viewed both inside and outside Storage located at the bottom of the structure.


Weapons on Polus is a small room at the bottom of the map. It also has a monitor with a green screen. Outside it is a weapon that will fire.

Full map


  • Polus is the second largest map in Among Us, the first being The Airship. Even though it is slightly smaller, it has more tasks than The Airship.
  • Polus has had several modifications in areas that differ from the rest:
    • To open the doors, as they do not open automatically like The Skeld, they can be opened when used. There are four disabled switches, which, when flipping them, will open the door.
    • Security is similar to on The Skeld; however, the only difference is that it consists of only one screen, and players must change the camera view by pressing the buttons.
      • The cameras have an even greater field of view than that of The Skeld, which allows players to see inside the corridors, something that did not appear on previous maps.
      • The Airship also has an identical Security system.
    • Reactor is replaced with Seismic Stabilizers, with its tasks being in Specimen Room.
    • Oxygen Depleted and Reactor Meltdown are replaced with Reset Seismic Stabilizers, resulting in Polus only having one critical Sabotage. Even though Reactor is not present on Polus, the Start Reactor task still exists, but it is in Specimen Room.
    • Vents appear as holes in the ground.
      • Because of this, Crewmates cannot do the Clean Vent task.
PuffballsUnited Polus Sketch

A sketch of Polus published by Marcus Bromander on his Twitter account.

  • On September 27, 2020, Marcus Bromander published on his Twitter account a sketch of Polus.[4]
  • In front of Office, there is a photo of Henry Stickmin, the main protagonist of the Henry Stickmin series created by one of the Innersloth staff, Marcus Bromander. Additionally, in the room next to Office is another poster saying "See Something, Say Something", which was also present in the Henry Stickmin series.
  • In The Henry Stickmin Collection, more specifically in Fleeing the Complex, a character by the name of Polus Petrovich briefly appears. Within the game, it is claimed that he named a planet after himself after winning sweepstakes on his bio. Marcus Bromander designed the map himself, which explains why Polus shows up in The Henry Stickmin Collection.
  • On the TV in Admin, the DVD screensaver vignette is shown, in which the logo bounces from side to side and changes color in order: red, blue, orange, green, purple, yellow, pink. APEX cassette players also perform this function when the system is on standby.
  • On the Vitals interface, the logo of a brand called "Simsong" can be seen. This refers to Samsung, a South Korean technology company.
  • Polus could be based on the movie The Thing, which has a similar premise to the game. The movie also occurs in Antarctica, and Polus is an arctic planet.
  • The bathroom is a room within Laboratory on this map, and just like the map's release description, it appears to be out of order. This may be due to the vent in place of a toilet.
  • Polus and The Fungle are currently the only maps to take place outside. However, The Airship contains the Outside location.
  • Polus and MIRA HQ used to be DLC maps. However, the price kept decreasing until they eventually became free in version 2020.6.9.
  • When a player is ejected, they are unceremoniously thrown into the lava.
    • If they were a Crewmate, they would reach out before sinking into the lava.
    • If they were An Impostor, they would instead give a thumbs up before sinking, which refers to the crucible scene at the climax of Terminator 2.
    • If Confirm Ejects are disabled, they will sink into the lava without coming back up.
  • Polus was the only map to feature a unique appearance for vents.
    • If one looks at the vent in Electrical, they can see a small detail where the grate that flaps open when An Impostor vents is battered, scraped, and not covering the hole properly.
    • Since vents on Polus appears as holes, Crewmates cannot clean the vents and Clean Vent is not available on Polus.


The main ambience sound of the pods on Polus



If you want to see the gallery of Polus, click here.


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