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This article is for the planet.
For the map of the same name, see Polus.

The in-game map icon for Polus.

Polus is a fictional planet that serves as the main setting of the map with the same name.


Another image of the planet Polus in the map's logo.

Polus is a large terrestrial planet located somewhere in outer space. On the surface, it has purple rocky terrain that is often met with heavy blizzards. However, beneath the planet's mantle lies an extremely hot core. This causes Polus to have bipolar and somewhat extreme temperatures. Furthermore, whether by Crewmate intervention or natural causes, roughly half of the planet appears to be missing, causing it to have a crescent shape that exposes its molten mantle and core.

On the planet, a research outpost that includes a laboratory, an artificial environment for plant life, and a specimen examination chamber has been established on one of the planet's many cliffsides. A drill has mined past the planet's crust at the center of the base, exposing a large lava pit underneath. Several different facets of research appear to be taking place within the base simultaneously.

It can be inferred that the Polus base, much like The Skeld, is an extension of the MIRA organization, as there are tasks that reference "Headquarters" (MIRA HQ), and Crewmates land on the planet in what is most likely a MIRA dropship. Furthermore, at the start of the Polus trailer on the Innersloth YouTube channel, there is a line of text at the bottom right of the screen saying "A MIRA corporation film". This shows that the film was made by MIRA, further implying that they own the Polus base.

Weather and Terrain

Polus's terrain is rocky, with many rocky bits scattered about and many sporadic mountainous rocky formations found at the end of the Polus trailer. It is possible that the event that caused the planet's odd crescent shape to manifest could also be the cause for this terrain. Polus has an icy polar cap that spans a good portion of the planet's northern hemisphere from what can be seen in the image. In the image, it can also be seen that there are many crevasses or rivers of the sort that seem to dip down into the planet's mantle. This could be a reason for the giant pit of lava seen at the Polus base. However, this hole could also be unnatural.

Polus's weather is very cold, with the research base being constantly snowy. This implies that despite Polus having a giant crater, it still retains an atmosphere. The constant snow also implies that Polus has a system similar to the water cycle, which has a stage of precipitation at some point. This likely occurs due to the preexisting snow on Polus's northern pole, which could be melting in some areas due to the planet's molten center's exposure.

On Polus, one can complete the task Clear Asteroids, implying that its atmosphere cannot protect the planet from external threats.


The Henry Stickmin character Polus Petrovich.

  • Due to the existence of Seismic Stabilizers on the Polus base, one can speculate that the planet experiences frequent or extreme earthquakes.
  • The frequent usage of drills within the Polus base could explain holes scattered around the map.
  • The Polus planet is similar to, and may have been inspired by, the Star Wars planet Lola Sayu, which also has purple terrain, snow, and lava.
  • Polus may also be inspired by the Star Wars location Polis Massa. Polis Massa has a base on its surface, similar to Polus.
  • The name "Polus" in and of itself is an easter egg, as it is most likely named after the Henry Stickmin character Polus Petrovich, who won sweepstakes and got to name a planet after himself.
  • While it has not yet been confirmed what exactly the drills on the Polus base are being used for, there is a decent chance that they are being used to dig up the specimens found in the Specimen Room on the Polus base, as they are most likely inspected at MIRA HQ's Laboratory.
  • Polus could have been inspired by the snowy research base in the 1982 film The Thing.
  • At the first stage of the Fix Weather Node task, an inscription says "MIRA", further implying that MIRA owns Polus base.