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This article is for the task on The Skeld.
For the location with a similar name, see Shields.

Prime Shields is a short task in Among Us, featured on The Skeld and MIRA HQ.


Prime Shields consists of a single stage. A Crewmate must go to Shields or Admin, on The Skeld or MIRA HQ respectively, and click or tap the red hexagons until all of the hexagons are white. On the Nintendo Switch edition, the player must tilt the L-stick to move a green hexagon towards the target hexagon, then press A to change its color. The task always requires Crewmates to click between two and five hexagons.

On The Skeld, a player can prove their innocence by running this task. After this task is completed for the first time, the shields will light up unless visual tasks are disabled in options. The shields are permanently on after completing the task, but they will blink if another player completes the task. This task cannot prove a Crewmate's innocence on MIRA HQ, as it is not a visual task on that map.


  • It is possible for Crewmates to complete Prime Shields from the inner part of the fence on The Skeld.
  • Crewmates can enable multiple hexagons by either clicking or tapping in between them.
  • An icon for the map in which the task is completed on is shown beneath the hexagons.



The sound that plays when a Crewmate taps on a red hexagon.
The sound that plays when a Crewmate taps on a white hexagon.