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This article is for the single-stage task on MIRA HQ.
For the two-stage task on other maps, see Upload Data.

Process Data is a short task in Among Us, featured on MIRA HQ.


A Crewmate assigned with Process Data on MIRA HQ must interact with the top-right computer in Office to process data. This takes about 12 seconds, and an animation of a Crewmate carrying a stack of paper running towards the right side is played while running the task.


  • While running Process Data, several different file names will pop-up below the download percentage status bar. Some of these are:
    • 1internet_growth.dat
    • amongis_data.jpg
    • cake_report.mira
    • cake_report.png
    • cake_results.dat
    • danger_investigation.doc
    • dirt_report.file
    • file.txt
    • happy_birthday_finances.dat
    • happy_birthday_finances.tiff
    • happy_birthday_investigation.png
    • important_data.png
    • important_finances.dat
    • important_srsbiz.txt
    • minerals_data.mira
    • rock_report.csv
    • wut_results.txt
    • wut_srsbiz.txt
  • Process Data is a continuation of Upload Data, completed on The Skeld, Polus, and The Airship.
    • The "Headquarters" from the second stage of Upload Data on The Skeld and Polus may refer to MIRA.