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Protect is an ability in Among Us that is exclusive to Guardian Angels.


Protect can only be used as a ghost. Upon clicking the Protect button, the Guardian Angel casts a protective shield around the player they are currently targeting (marked by a light blue outline). If used on a Crewmate, the shield prevents them from being killed by An Impostor for a limited time, although Impostors can also receive a shield. If this ability is used to successfully protect a Crewmate from being killed, players are notified during the next emergency meeting that the Guardian Angel has protected someone recently.

When the Guardian Angel uses the ability, a miniature version of their ghost appears and circles around the recipient. This ghost is also visible to Impostors if enabled in the lobby options. If An Impostor attempts to kill a Crewmate while their shield is still active, an animation of the shield being struck and shattering plays along with a sound effect. Other ghosts are able to see the animation, but living Crewmates, including the one The Impostor attempted to kill, cannot see it. After this, The Impostor's kill cooldown reactivates, but it is reduced to half of their normal cooldown.

Guardian Angels are unable to use this ability while Comms Sabotaged is active.


The sound played when casting a shield on a living player.
The sound played when the shield prevents a kill.
The sound played when players are notified that the Guardian Angel protected another player.