For those who recently started playing Among Us, this article may be very useful to learn how the game works and what to do.

This article is for the Quick Chat.
For the normal chat, see Chat.

We've just added Quickchat (version 2021.2.21) - this is an easier, faster and safer option to play if you're using text chat! More info in the game.

Victoria Tran, [1]

Quick Chat is a feature in the text chat in Among Us that allows users to send messages based on predetermined message templates. It was added in version 2021.2.21.


Opening Among Us (for the first time or after the update is finished installing), the player will be asked for their date of birth. If the age determined from the date entered is under 13 years, then the player will be restricted from using the standard chat system, and will have to resort to the Quick Chat system. Prior to version 2021.3.5, all players under 13 years old would be limited to using only Quick Chat.

There is a circle in the middle of the quick chat options. Inside the circle, it shows the player's icon. Outside the circle, there are seven lines connected to the circle to separate the seven options for quick chat. There are currently seven options for quick chat which are:

  • Accusation
  • Crew
  • Systems
  • Location
  • Statements
  • Question
  • Response

List of Quick Chat Options


  • While contemplating the release of console ports of Among Us, Innersloth had trouble with player communication being too slow for regular game-play.
    • However, the developers have hinted at Quick Chat being the solution to this problem.
  • There is currently a visual bug in which when a player hovers or clicks or taps over a Quick Chat option, a console controller "A" button will show.
  • Quick Chat does not work well in lobbies, as the options still show things about accusing or game-related statements, even though the game has not started.




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