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Reboot Wifi is a long task in Among Us, featured on Polus.


Stage 1

The Crewmate with this task must go to Communications and find the communication box. The screen will read "Reboot Required". The player must pull the lever, which will begin a 60-second countdown process. The Wifi will power off, and the task list will display the remaining amount of seconds left in the countdown, along with the screen. The player does not have to remain in Communications during the countdown, and they may perform other tasks during this time. Just like Run Diagnostics, Inspect Sample and Develop Photos, the timer will continue to count down during the discussion and voting stages of an emergency meeting or meeting called from a dead body being reported.

Stage 2

After the countdown reaches 0, one must return to the task to pull the lever back up to power on the Wifi. After this, they must wait a few seconds for the Wifi to restart, and the task will be completed.



The sound played when opening the task.
The sound played when sliding the lever.
The sound played when closing the task.