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Record Temperature is a short task in Among Us, featured on Polus.


A Crewmate assigned with Record Temperature must match the temperature number that the task displays on the right and click or hold on the arrows to increase or decrease the number that is currently shown on the left. In the version of this task located Outside, the number must be increased, but it must be lowered in Laboratory. All the player needs to do is hold, as when they reach the number requested, the task is rendered complete. They cannot go lower or higher than the number shown.


  • In version 2020.10.22, Record Temperature did not work on iOS, as it was impossible to open it. This bug was fixed in version 2020.11.17.[1]
  • If the player presses the up button in Laboratory and down button Outside, it goes up or down to an infinite number.
  • The panel used to complete the task Outside has a red screen, while the panel in Laboratory has a blue screen.



The sound played as the temperature is being recorded.


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