Report is an ability in Among Us, usable by both Crewmates and Impostors. The "R" keybind can be used on PC to use the ability.


A dead body being reported.

The report button calls a meeting if a dead body is found. You must be within a certain distance from the body for a report to be used. When a body is reported, the game teleports every player into the main area of the map (like the Cafeteria or the emergency button) where nobody can move. The meeting makes every player capable of talking in the chat and voting for An Impostor. If a Crewmate or An Impostor sees a dead body, they can report it.


If you want to see the strategy section of Report, click here.


Description Audio
The sound that plays when someone reports a dead body.


  • This is similar to the Emergency Button, as both can call a meeting. Unlike the Emergency Button, however, report doesn't have limited uses, and bodies can be reported even during O2/reactor sabotages, which will end as soon as the body is reported. The sound clip played when the meeting starts is also called different.
  • In addition, bodies can be reported by simply clicking on them.

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