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Reason: Need sound for reporting on The Fungle
This article is for the ability.
For the option to report players' accounts, see Report (account).

Report is an ability in Among Us, usable by all living players outside of the Hide n Seek gamemode. With keyboard controls enabled, the R key on PC can be used to report without clicking the button manually.


Report calls an emergency meeting when used near a Crewmate's dead body. One must be within a certain distance from the body to report. Reporting can be used during Sabotages, and will end critical Sabotages like Oxygen Depleted, Reactor Meltdown, Reset Seismic Stabilizers, and Avert Crash Course. Other Sabotages, such as Comms Sabotaged and Fix Lights, do not end due to a body being reported.


  • Report is similar to the emergency button, as both can call an emergency meeting. Unlike the emergency button, however, bodies can be reported even during Sabotages, which will end critical Sabotages and Door Sabotage on The Skeld as soon as the body is reported. The sound effect played when the emergency meeting starts also depends on what called it.
  • When a Crewmate is killed, the portrait of the dead body will show an entire corpse on their back. This is quite different from the sprite used for the dead body, which shows the upper half missing and the Crewmate being on their front.
  • There is a glitch that may occur when a Crewmate reports a dead body and are killed simultaneously. As a result, they will show up as both dead and alive during discussion and voting. From the Crewmate's perspective, the kill animation can be seen during the meeting.
  • Players cannot report dead bodies on the other side of doors closed via Door Sabotage.
  • Once a dead body is reported, all other bodies disappear and cannot be reported for the rest of the game.
  • Although ghosts cannot report bodies, they still have a report button.
    • As of now, ghosts no longer have a report button.
  • In rare situations, nothing may happen if a player tries to report a nearby dead body. This is caused by the host having a poor connection.
  • There is a glitch that may occur when two different dead bodies are reported by two different players simultaneously. This will cause the game to show the "DEAD BODY REPORTED" banner for every player, regardless of whether they died. This will continue for about 1 minute, or until many Crewmates or all Impostors have left the game (resulting in the game ending).[needs testing]
  • As of version 2023.2.28, a bug made the Report button available in a lobby.


The sound that plays when someone reports a dead body on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus.
The sound that plays when someone reports a dead body on The Airship.