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Rewind Tapes is a long task in Among Us, featured on The Airship.


When Rewind Tapes is opened in Security, a tape recorder appears, showing the current timestamp. To complete this task, Crewmates must either rewind or fast-forward the tape to the timestamp shown on the sticky note and pause the tape at the correct time. Pressing the rewind and fast-forward buttons rewinds and fast-forwards the tape automatically, while pressing the play button plays the tape. If the tape is rewound or fast-forwarded too far, the task will not finish.


  • The company that made the machine is named "Simsong", a parody of the real-life Korean electronic company Samsung.
    • The company's name is also present on the Vitals monitor.
  • Despite the name of the task being "Rewind Tapes", it is possible that the tape needs to be fast-forwarded to complete the task.
    • Similarly, although the name of the task is "Rewind Tapes" with "Tapes" being plural, the player only needs to rewind one tape.


The sound playes when a button is pressed.
The sound played when the tapes are rolling.