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The Right Hand Man skin is a skin in Among Us. It has been teased in the trailer as well as promotional art for The Airship. It can be bought on PC and mobile in The Airship skin bundle. It cannot currently be purchased or worn on the Nintendo Switch edition of Among Us. Its hat counterpart is the Right Hand Man hat and mustache.


The Right Hand Man skin resembles the appearance of the cybernetic half of Right Hand Man in The Henry Stickmin Collection. It is also visually different from other skins in Among Us because it doesn't cover only the bottom half of characters. Additionally, it was the first non-mirrored skin. It appears visually different depending on if the player is facing left or right.


  • If a Crewmate is killed by An Impostor with this skin equipped, the Crewmate's screen will show The Impostor incinerating the top half of the Crewmate's body with a laser shot from their left eye.
    • This makes the Right Hand Man skin the only skin with a unique kill animation.
    • This is a reference to Henry Stickmin ending Toppat Civil Warfare, where in the option called "The Good Gents", the RHM blasts Henry's squad with his laser eye.
  • A glitch only made this skin available after buying The Airship skin bundle. This was fixed in version 2021.5.10.


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