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Roles are a game mechanic in Among Us that are either randomly selected or given under certain circumstances. Each role has different goals and abilities.


Both the Impostor and Crewmate roles are shown when a game of Among Us begins. However, the ghost role can only be obtained through being killed by An Impostor or by being ejected. There are currently three roles in Among Us: Crewmate, Impostor, and ghost. Each role has different abilities and mechanics. For example, Impostors have access to Kill, Sabotage, and Vent.

List of Roles

By default, all players have access to: Admin, Customize, Doorlog, Report, Security, Use, and Vitals. The list of mechanics available by default for each living player is:

Name Mutually Exclusive Ability Notes Obtaining Exclusive Mechanics
Crewmate Impostor The Use button is used more often in this role, as Crewmates use it to do tasks. At the start of the game by random
Impostor Crewmate Exclusive Abilities: At the start of the game by random
  • Have red names, seen only by themselves and other Impostors.
Ghost N/A Revoked Abilities



Being killed by An Impostor (Crewmates only)

— OR —

Being ejected


Main article: Crewmate

Crewmates make up the majority of players in Among Us, and must complete tasks while staying alive and figuring out who is or is not An Impostor. The Crew wins once all their tasks are complete, or there are no living Impostors left in the game.


Main article: Impostor

Impostors serve as the Crewmates' enemy, and must kill the Crew while avoiding being ejected. The Impostors win when at least half of the living players are Impostors or the countdown for a critical Sabotage, such as Oxygen Depleted, reaches zero.


Main article: Ghost

Ghosts are an additional role that players obtain when they are killed or ejected. Crewmate ghosts must continue to complete tasks, while Impostor ghosts can assist living Impostors by Sabotaging. If the Crewmates win, so do all Crewmate ghosts, and if all Impostors win, so do all Impostor ghosts.



Description Audio
The sound played when the role is revealed.
Crewmate bar.png
Impostor bar.png
Ghost character (base template).png
Sheriff (Roadmap).png
Scientist (Roadmap).png