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Run Diagnostics is a short task in Among Us, featured on MIRA HQ.


Stage 1

When opening the task, the player must tap the space bar on an on-screen keyboard, which will begin a process to find anomalies on a ship visually similar to the icon for The Skeld in the Launchpad. The progress is shown on the diagnostics computer as a percentage indicator which counts down from 99%. It ticks down every 0.9 seconds and takes 90 seconds to complete.

Crewmates can leave this task, as the process will continue in-game while they are elsewhere, and even during emergency meetings. The progress is displayed on the task list as a 90-second timer. After the countdown is over, the timer will disappear.

Stage 2

After the timer has ended, the player must select the model's red node, which indicates the anomaly. After doing so, the Crewmate completes the task.

The player can select any of the blue nodes, but they have no effect on the task's completion.


  • The ship the diagnostics are run on in Run Diagnostics looks largely similar to The Skeld. This may suggest that the Crew has arrived at MIRA HQ in The Skeld and must repair it, or they are taking away fuel to give to MIRA.
  • The timer in the task list does not exactly match the percentage countdown in the diagnostics interface, nor the actual time remaining to complete the task. However, it's only slightly off compared to the percentage and shows exactly twice the time remaining.
  • The task has a similar approach to Inspect Sample on The Skeld and Polus, Develop Photos on The Airship, and Reboot Wifi on Polus.



The sound played when the the button is pressed to start the diagnostics.
The sound played when the timer is ticking.
The sound played when the anomaly is selected.