Sabotage is a ability in Among Us, usable only by the impostors.



The sabotage map on The Skeld.

An Impostor has the ability to Sabotage, which creates a temporary problem that Crewmates must either wait out, ignore, or fix. The Sabotage button, located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, will open up a map where different types of sabotage can be chosen.

Once the map is opened, choose a sabotage you would like to do by clicking or tapping the desired sabotage button.

Any type of sabotage will prevent the Emergency Button from being pressed (except the doors' sabotage), though players can still Report bodies which will automatically repair certain forms of Sabotage. Only one type of sabotage can be done at a time.



This will cause all of the oxygen to be flushed from the ship, meaning the Impostor will win if the countdown reaches the end. This requires pins to be entered on two different pads to be resolved.

Reactor Meltdown

This will cause the engine reactor to melt, meaning the Impostor will win if the countdown reaches the end. This requires two people to simultaneously hold their hands on a scanner at the same time for it to be resolved.

Fixing comms on Polus


This will make it so the crewmates will not be able to see their task list or task locations on the map until the communications are restored. It also disables the security cameras, vitals monitoring, admin map, and door log. In MIRA HQ two people at separate locations are required to restore the Comms.


This will drastically reduce the vision radius for the crewmates, so they will be unable to see other players around them until they are very close. Impostors are not affected.


This will close the chosen door for 10 seconds, locking people into rooms. Sabotaging a door will only set the cooldown on non-door sabotages, meaning multiple (or even all) doors on the map can be closed. Using a different type of sabotage will start the cooldown on all door sabotages. In Polus, sabotaged doors be re-opened by resetting four switches on a circuit breaker, but doors can be sabotaged at the same time as other sabotages and vice versa (cooldowns are not linked).


  • In Polus, the reactor meltdown is called the seismic stabilizers, but still has the radiation icon on the Sabotage map.
  • Previously, the Sabotage button was located behind the map button, but, currently, its located in place of Use.
  • Previously, impostors could not solve a sabotage, which made discovering them even easier. However, they now can, making it possible for anyone to be suspicious.
  • Before the update on 9-14-20, emergency meetings could be called during a sabotage. This resulted in many memes about reactors being willing to wait for teammates to finish meeting before continuing to meltdown. Now, meetings can't be called during sabotages, making 2 crew vs 1 impostor scenarios impossible to win for the crew.


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