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Sabotage is an ability in Among Us, exclusive only to Impostors, both living and ghosts.


Impostors can enact Sabotages, which create temporary problems that Crewmates can either wait out, ignore, or fix. The Sabotage button, located in the bottom-right corner of the screen, will open up a red map where different Sabotages can be triggered.

Once the map is opened, The Impostor can choose a Sabotage option they would like to do by clicking or tapping the desired Sabotage button. On the Nintendo Switch edition, the R-stick is used to navigate the interface, and A is used to trigger a Sabotage.

Almost all Sabotages will prevent the emergency button from being pressed, excluding Door Sabotage. However, players can still report dead bodies to call an emergency meeting, which will automatically resolve most Sabotages, excluding Door Sabotage on Polus and The Airship, Fix Lights, and Comms Sabotaged.

Only one type of Sabotage can be running at a time, including Door Sabotage on The Skeld; on Polus and The Airship, the doors stay permanently closed until opened by players, and Impostors can still activate any other Sabotage even with doors closed.


Oxygen Depleted

Main article: Oxygen Depleted

Oxygen Depleted is a critical Sabotage which will cause all of the oxygen to be flushed out, meaning The Impostors will win if the countdown reaches zero. This is one of the four critical Sabotages, and is present on The Skeld and MIRA HQ. To fix this Sabotage, players must enter the correct codes on two PIN pads in different locations. On The Skeld, the two PIN pads are located in O2 and Admin, while on MIRA HQ, the two PIN pads are located at the Greenhouse and in the southern-most hallway near MedBay. Each PIN pad has a sticky note with a five-digit code players must enter.

Reactor Meltdown

Main article: Reactor Meltdown

Reactor Meltdown is a critical Sabotage that will cause the reactor to meltdown, destroying the map. The Impostors will win if the countdown reaches zero. To resolve this Sabotage, two players must hold their hands on two separate fingerprint scanners in Reactor at the same time.

Reset Seismic Stabilizers

On Polus, Reactor Meltdown is replaced with Reset Seismic Stabilizers. It holds the same function as Reactor Meltdown, a critical Sabotage, but takes place Outside at the Seismic Stabilizers. It also gives a minute to resolve it before the Crewmates lose, likely due to the distance the Seismic Stabilizers are from each other and how large Polus is.

Avert Crash Course

Main article: Avert Crash Course

Avert Crash Course is a critical Sabotage on The Airship that will cause a helicopter to crash into the ship. The Impostors will win if the countdown reaches zero. Resolving this Sabotage requires two people to enter the same code in PIN pads at either side of Gap Room. The code is reset at a set interval of time, and therefore needs to be entered in each PIN pad before it resets.

Comms Sabotaged

Main article: Comms Sabotaged

Comms Sabotaged will prevent Crewmates from viewing their task list and make the list only display "Comms Sabotaged." It will also remove segments and progress indication from the task bar. Tasks can still be completed, but alerts to complete a task will not appear on the personal map. For Impostors, this inability will not be present. It also disables Vent (for Engineers), Protect, Security, Vitals, Admin, and Doorlog (in which all recent logs and events are deleted).

On The Skeld, Polus, and The Airship, Comms Sabotaged is resolved by adjusting the dial to match two wavelengths on a monitor. On MIRA HQ, resolving Comms Sabotaged requires two people to enter the same code in PIN pads at separate locations, Office and Communications. The code is reset at a set interval of time, and therefore needs to be entered in each PIN pad before it resets, similar to Avert Crash Course on The Airship.

Fix Lights

Main article: Fix Lights

Fix Lights will drastically reduce the vision radius for living Crewmates, so they will be unable to see other players around them until they are very close, with The Impostors' and ghosts' vision remaining unaffected. To resolve this Sabotage, players must flip the switches on a circuit breaker in Electrical on The Skeld and Polus, Office on MIRA HQ, or one of three locations (Gap Room, Viewing Deck or Cargo Bay) on The Airship, and cause the small light above each switch to turn bright green. This can allow for easy kills and getaways, provided multiple players are within the area. There is a flaw to the light's Sabotage, however: as The Impostor cannot measure how much a Crewmate can see, with that in mind, they cannot move freely in front of them even when they cannot be seen at all in their perspective, the only option available is to be very adept in understanding the range of vision which is inputted on the game options.

Door Sabotage

Main article: Door Sabotage

Door Sabotage on The Skeld closes all the doors at a chosen location for 10 seconds, locking players in or out. Sabotaging a door will only disable non-Door Sabotage Sabotages until the door is open again, meaning multiple or even all doors on the map can be closed. Using a different type of Sabotage will disable all Door Sabotage Sabotages until the Sabotage is fixed. Door Sabotage's cooldown starts when the Sabotage starts, while non-Door Sabotages' cooldowns start when they are fixed.

The Sabotaged door on Polus and The Airship needs to be reopened manually by resetting four switches on an eight switches circuit breaker or swiping a card, respectively. Moreover, Door Sabotage and other Sabotages are independent; doors can be Sabotaged before and during other Sabotages.


  • Sabotage cannot be used by Fortegreen in Freeplay, as the Sabotage interface will not appear.
  • If a critical Sabotage is called, an alarm will sound and the screen will flash red in time with the alert.
  • Sabotages are referred to as "Special Tasks" in Among Us's code.[1]
  • The time to fix a critical Sabotage depends on which map is being played. If a critical Sabotage is made on The Skeld, the timer will be 30 seconds. If a critical Sabotage is made on MIRA HQ, the timer will be 45 seconds. If a critical Sabotage is made on Polus, the timer will be 60 seconds. If a critical Sabotage is made on The Airship, the timer will be 90 seconds.
  • The alarm that plays during a critical Sabotage is similar to the one played when Henry steals the diamond in the remastered version of Stealing The Diamond. It is also seen in Breaking the Bank, but the alarm is higher in pitch than in Among Us.
  • In a previous version of Among Us, buttons for other abilities such as Vent and Use appeared in place of the Sabotage button when stood in the appropriate spot.


The alarm that plays during a critical Sabotage.
The alarm that plays during Avert Crash Course.



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