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Scientist is a role in Among Us, first shown during the Summer Game Fest.[1] It is based on the Crewmate role with the added ability to view the Vitals interface from anywhere on the map.



Main article: Vitals

Scientists have a portable Vitals monitor that allows them to view the Vitals interface from anywhere on the map, including maps that otherwise do not have a stationary Vitals monitor, such as The Skeld and MIRA HQ. The portable Vitals monitor has a battery that drains upon use but recharges as the Scientist completes tasks or automatically recharges if they have completed all of their tasks.


Options for the role can be set in the lobby options.

The number and chance of a Crewmate to have the Scientist role.
Vitals Display Cooldown
How long until the Scientist can use the Vitals monitor again.
Battery Duration
How long the battery lasts.



The sound played when the role is revealed.