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Security is an ability in Among Us, which can be used by anyone in the Security room to gain information about other players' locations.


An illustration of Security on The Skeld shown in How to Play.

When accessed, Security displays fixed parts of the map, usually corridors, in real-time, as if the player was there. They are unaffected by vision or Fix Lights, but Comms Sabotaged disables them until it is resolved. Cameras can be used to know where players are moving, piece together the events preceding a kill, or even catch Impostors killing or using a vent on-screen.

On the other hand, players using the cameras cannot move, see or hear their immediate surroundings, or report a body. Additionally, for Impostors, they cannot Sabotage or kill and have their kill cooldown paused while they are using Security.


See Cameras for more info.

The Skeld

On The Skeld, all four cameras are displayed on a single screen.


On Polus, there are six different cameras, mostly located near entrances of large buildings.

Cameras are separated into several screens that can be accessed manually by clicking the arrows below the footage, cycling in an order. There is a static noise transition between switching, which takes about a second. The cameras on Polus have a larger range of view compared to the cameras on The Skeld.

The Airship

On The Airship, there are currently four known camera locations, as seen in The Airship announcement trailer.[1]


  • Both living players and ghosts can use Security. A blinking red light activates on the camera when a living player is viewing it, however, the same cannot be said about ghosts.
  • During Comms Sabotaged, Security will be turned off and cannot be used until the Sabotage is resolved. Cameras flash with a gray static background and red text saying, "[COMMS DISABLED]."
    • However, Fix Lights does not affect Security, which can still normally see people's actions, which can be very useful for potentially catching An Impostor killing a Crewmate.
      • Sometimes during Fix Lights, when a Crewmate uses Security, the red light does not blink, which is even more helpful for catching An Impostor killing a Crewmate.
  • On Polus while viewing Security, in the bottom left-hand corner is a small blue logo that says "Bell." This may be a reference to the real-life company Dell, as the logo is in the same font and the letter E is rotated in both.
  • In the beta testing of Among Us, a camera was situated in the upper part of Electrical where all the tasks exist, making it one of the safest parts of the map, which is in high contrast with how dangerous for the Crew Electrical is now.[citation needed]
  • Previously, moving just before using Security would affect the cameras' positions.
  • MIRA HQ is the only map without Security, and is replaced with Doorlog in Communications.
  • Ghosts can see only the hats and names of other ghosts on Security.


Description Audio
The sound played when the player changes cameras on Polus



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