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This article is for the objects used to resolve Reset Seismic Stabilizers.

Seismic Stabilizers are objects located Outside at both sides of Dropship on Polus in Among Us. They are used to resolve Reset Seismic Stabilizers.


Seismic Stabilizers are used solely to fix Reset Seismic Stabilizers. They are separated from Polus's main ground via long bridges and rest on small, isolated platforms. These platforms are found on both sides of Dropship. One bridge is located above Electrical and the other is located next to Laboratory. They both have vents near them that connect exclusively to each other.

During Reset Seismic Stabilizers, the lights located on the bottom and the top of the Seismic Stabilizers will change to red, and the thin bolt of electricity inside the Seismic Stabilizers will disappear.



During Reset Seismic Stabilizers, players must walk up to both Seismic Stabilizers, then click and hold on to the hand scanner. There must be at least one player scanning on both sides for the Sabotage to be resolved. This resolution method is similar to Reactor Meltdown's method.



Description Audio
The main setting sound of Seismic Stabilizers.


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