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This article is for the role.
For the ability that comes with the role, see Shift.

The Shapeshifter is a role in Among Us.[1] It is based on the Impostor role, so their primary goal remains the same: kill enough Crewmates to win. Along with the standard abilities that Impostors have access to, Shapeshifters have the additional ability to transform into other players.



Main article: Shift

The Shapeshifter has access to the Shift ability, which allows them to transform into any living player, or any players that were alive at the end of the last emergency meeting. The disguise lasts for a limited time and leaves evidence behind if set in the game's options. The Shapeshifter can pull up a menu of all other living players in the game and select one to copy their appearance (name, color, and cosmetics). An animation is visible to other players during the shapeshifting. During discussion time, the Shapeshifter will appear as their original self.


Options for the role can be set in the lobby options.

The number and chance of An Impostor to have the Shift ability.
Shapeshift Duration
How long a Shapeshifter stays shifted after they change their identity.
Shapeshift Cooldown
How long a Shapeshifter must wait after unshifting before they can shapeshift again.
Leave Shapeshifting Evidence
Whether or not there is physical evidence of a shapeshift occurring left in a room.



The sound played when the role is revealed.
The sound played while transforming.


  • In Freeplay, a player can Shift into one of the dummies, then use the Task Tester 2000 to become an Impostor, Crewmate, Scientist or Engineer. They will still be shifted as the person that they shifted into as a Shapeshifter. This bug can cause an infinite shift glitch until the player transforms back into a Shapeshifter.


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