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This article is for the ability.
For the role, see Shapeshifter.

Shift is a ability in Among Us that is exclusive to Shapeshifters.


Upon clicking the Shift button, the Shapeshifter is given the option to choose which player to transform into by selecting from a menu of all players that were alive at the end of the last emergency meeting. An animation of the Shapeshifter transforming into the selected player plays as they encase themselves in a cocoon, and the Shapeshifter will transform into an exact copy of the selected player (including name, color, and cosmetics) upon hatching. The shapeshifting animation is visible to all other players. The Shapeshifter can still kill, Sabotage, and travel through vents while transformed.

After shapeshifting, physical evidence is left behind (specifically, the tentacles that surround the lower points of the cocoon during the transformation), alerting other players that a Shift occurred in that area. This can be turned off in the lobby options.

During discussion time, the Shapeshifter will appear as their original self regardless of whether they are transformed or not.


Upon transforming into another player, the Shift button changes to "Unshift". Clicking the button allows the Shapeshifter to transform back into their original self. If this is not done manually, the Shapeshifter automatically transforms back after some time. Depending on the lobby options, this can be between 5–30 seconds, or indefinite.

After unshifting, the Shapeshifter must wait a minimum of five seconds for the Shift ability to become available again.


  • The menu used to select which player to transform into is based on the emergency meeting interface.
    • Before it was added to Among Us, it was based on the Vitals interface.
  • The bubble/cocoon that surrounds the Shapeshifter while transforming changes to match the Shapeshifter's unshifted color.
  • Before version 2021.12.14, Shapeshifters were only able to transform into Crewmates and could not transform into other Impostors.
  • If a player unshifts while they are automatically unshifting, they will unshift twice.



The sound played while transforming.