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Showers is a location in Among Us on The Airship.


The Airship

Showers is a medium-sized room with benches and 15 towels lying around, with some showers by the upper-right area. In the right area with benches is a vent leading to Records and Cargo Bay. Showers has three exits: one to the left connected to Main Hall, a second at the top connecting to Records, and a third to the right that is connected to the left side of Ventilation.


The Airship

Name Stages Task Type
Accept Diverted Power 2 of 2 Short
Fix Shower 1 of 1 Short
Pick Up Towels 1–8 of 8 Short
Empty Garbage 1 of 2 Long
Fix Wiring 1–3 of 3 Common



There is a vent in Showers, located near the bottom-right section of the room. It connects with the vents in Records and Cargo Bay.




The main setting sounds of Showers.