MIRA HQ Skin Bundle.png

Skins are a type of cosmetic that characters can wear. They cover the lower half of the body. Due to the exclusion of the shop on the Nintendo Switch version of Among Us, skins from the MIRA HQ and Polus skin bundles are unobtainable on the system.

List of Skins

Name Skin ID Image
Astronaut skin 1 Astronaut Skin.png
Captain skin 2 Captain Skin.png
Mechanic skin 3 Mechanic Skin.png
Military skin 4 Military Skin.png
Police skin 5 Police Skin.png
Doctor skin 6 Doctor Skin.png
Black suit 7 Black Suit.png
White suit 8 White Suit.png
Wall guard skin 9 Wall Guard Skin.png
MIRA hazmat skin 10 MIRA Hazmat Skin.png
MIRA security guard skin 11 MIRA Security Guard Skin.png
MIRA landing official skin 12 MIRA Landing Official Skin.png
Miner gear 13 Miner Gear.png
Winter gear 14 Winter Gear.png
Archaeologist skin 15 Archaeologist Skin.png
Astronaut Skin.png Captain Skin.png Mechanic Skin.png Military Skin.png Police Skin.png Doctor Skin.png Black Suit.png White Suit.png Wall Guard Skin.png
MIRA HQ Skin Bundle Polus Skin Bundle
MIRA Hazmat Skin.png MIRA Security Guard Skin.png MIRA Landing Official Skin.png
Miner Gear.png Winter Gear.pngArchaeologist Skin.png
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