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Skins are a type of cosmetic that characters can wear. They usually cover the lower half of the body.

List of skins

Name ID Image
Abominal Snowmate skin_Abominalskin
Abominal Snowmate.png
Airship Mechanic skin_MechanicRed
Airship Mechanic.png
Astronaught skin_Astro
Big Ol' Pumpkin Pants skin_pumpkin
Big Ol' Pumpkin Pants.png
Bling Bling skin_Bling
Bling Bling.png
Business Skirt skin_BusinessFemskin
Business Skirt.png
Caitlyn's Uniform skin_caitlin
Caitlyn's Uniform.png
Chaos Containment Crewmate skin_CCC
Chaos Containment Crewmate.png
Claus, Mrs. Claus skin_w21_msclaus
Claus, Mrs. Claus.png
Cozy Sweater skin_Sweaterskin
Cozy Sweater.png
Crewbo the Clown skin_clown
Crewbo the Clown.png
Dark Scientist skin_Scientist-Darkskin
Dark Scientist.png
Digging Kid skin_D2Cskin
Digging Kid.png
Doctor skin_Scientist-Blueskin
Enforcer Armor skin_enforcer
Enforcer Armor.png
Fairy Godcrewmate skin_fairy
Fairy Godcrewmate.png
Flashy skin_SuitW
General Galeforce skin_General
General Galeforce.png
Guarding the Wall skin_Wall
Guarding the Wall.png
Hazmate skin_Hazmat
Heeeere's Santa! skin_w21_santa
Heeeere's Santa!.png
Heimerdinger's Suit skin_heim
Heimerdinger's Suit.png
I Vant to Keel skin_vampire
I Vant to Keel.png
I Want my Mummy skin_mummy
I Want my Mummy.png
I'll Fix It skin_Mech
I'll Fix It.png
Ice to Meet You skin_RockIceskin
Ice to Meet You.png
Inmate 2112 skin_prisoner
Inmate 2112.png
Jacket Up skin_Winter
Jacket Up.png
Janitorial Duties skin_Janitorskin
Janitorial Duties.png
Jayce's Council Suit skin_jayce
Jayce's Council Suit.png
Jinx's Clothes skin_jinx
Jinx's Clothes.png
Keepin it Secure skin_Security
Keepin it Secure.png
Land Here skin_Tarmac
Land Here.png
Officer Outfit skin_Military
Officer Outfit.png
Pilot's License skin_Capt
Pilot's License.png
Policeman Officer skin_Police
Policeman Officer.png
Rain Dear skin_w21_deer
Rain Dear.png
Ratchet's Jumpsuit skin_ratchet
Ratchet's Jumpsuit.png
Right Hand Man: Reborn skin_rhm
Right Hand Man - Reborn.png
Rock Solid skin_RockLavaskin
Rock Solid.png
Santa's Helper skin_w21_elf
Santa's Helper.png
Scientific Theory skin_Science
Scientific Theory.png
Scream Robes skin_screamghostface
Scream Robes.png
Sneaky skin_Bushskin
Snowmate skin_w21_snowmate
Snowmate skin.png
Spartan Armor skin_halospartan
Spartan Armor.png
Sports Team BLUE skin_SportsBlueskin
Sports Team BLUE.png
Sports Team RED skin_SportsRedskin
Sports Team RED.png
Suited Up skin_SuitB
Suited Up.png
The Fishmonger skin_fishmonger
The Fishmonger.png
The Nutcracker skin_w21_nutcracker
The Nutcracker.png
Toppat Skirt skin_ToppatSuitFem
Toppat Skirt.png
Toppat Uniform skin_Skin_SuitRedskin
Toppat Uniform.png
Underminer skin_Miner
Unearthed Wonders skin_Archae
Unearthed Wonders.png
Vested Interest skin_ToppatVest
Vested Interest.png
Vi's Clothes skin_vi
Vi's Clothes.png
Whimsy Witch skin_witch
Whimsy Witch.png
Your Boughs so Green skin_w21_tree
Your Boughs so Green.png