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Sort Records is a short task in Among Us, featured on The Airship.


When opened, four folders will appear at random positions on the screen. The Crewmate must tap one of these, closing the interface, and walk to the top of Records and interact with one of the file drawers to open another interface, where they must tap the empty space to place the file. The Crewmate must then repeat this three more times to complete the task.


  • There was a glitch where if the player clicked a folder, went over to the top of Records like normal, and then tapped the empty space four times instead of just once, the task would finish early. This was later patched in an update.


The sound played when grabbing a folder.
The sound played when opening a drawer.
The sound played when closing a drawer.
The sound played when placing a folder into a drawer.
The sound played when placing a folder into a shelf.