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This article is for the task on MIRA HQ.
For the similar task on Polus, see Store Artifacts.

Sort Samples is a short task in Among Us, featured on MIRA HQ.


Sort Samples requires the Crewmate to sort six items into their respective bin: an animal fossil, a plant fossil, and a gem. It is located at the bottom of Laboratory.

To complete this task, the Crewmate has to drag, in any particular order, the flower fossils from the far left and the far right to the box with a green leaf icon on it, the animal fossils to the box with a brown paw icon on it (the white fossil with a bone on it and the brown fossil between the black fossil with a dark green leaf on it and the fossil with gems of different colors), and the gems to the box with a purple gem icon on it (the rock with a purple gem on it and the rock with gems of different colors). The fossils will have blue outlines if they are placed in the correct place, and they will have red outlines if they are not in the correct place.




The sounds played when the player picks up a sample.
The sounds played when the player drops a sample.