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Specimen Room is a location in Among Us on Polus.


Specimen Room is a medium-sized, hexagonal room located near the bottom right of the map. To access it, players must pass through one of the small Decontamination rooms from either Admin or Laboratory, then walk through a long, empty hallway. The room features windows that let players see Outside from within.



Name Stages Task Type
Start Reactor 1 of 1 Long
Store Artifacts 1 of 1 Short
Download Data 1 of 2 Long
Unlock Manifolds 1 of 1 Short


  • According to the Polus announcement trailer, Crewmates must be fully decontaminated before entering Specimen Room, which is done in Decontamination. This also applies to Impostors, as there are no vents within the location.
    • The Polus trailer also refers to Specimen Room as a "pod".
  • If players stand at precisely the right spot in Specimen towards the Admin Decontamination room, they can see who comes and goes into Office using the right exit.
  • Although the Start Reactor task exists in the Specimen Room, there is no Reactor on Polus. The Seismic Stabilizers serve the same purpose as Reactor does on other maps.
  • A top hat can be seen in the rightmost tube on the table in the middle of the room.



The main setting sound of Specimen Room.