Start Reactor is a long task in Among Us, which is located in Reactor on The Skeld and MIRA HQ and in Specimen Room on Polus.


When the player opens the task, a black screen will appear on the left while nine squares appear on the right. The player must memorize the order blue squares appear on the left screen and then replicate it using the keypad on the right. The player will have to memorize the five patterns. The first pattern to replicate will be a single square, and the second will be two squares, and so on until the maximum of five squares. It may seem daunting to memorize the patterns, but it is important to know that the patterns predictably build on each other. For example, the second pattern will always start with the blue square from the first pattern. The fifth pattern will be the four blue squares' order in the fourth pattern with the new blue square.

The player must wait until the screen on the left finishes displaying the squares before entering the keypad pattern.

If the player enters a pattern incorrectly, the blue squares will flash red and the process restarts, in the same order as before, and the player has another opportunity to memorize the pattern. The player may keep trying until they get it correct.

Green circles above the screen on the left indicate how many patterns have been successfully replicated. The green circles above the keypad on the right indicate the number of squares the player has currently selected for the pattern so far.

When an emergency meeting is called, the player voluntarily leaves the task, or a body is reported, the player's progress is saved. After opening the task panel again, the left screen will display the squares required to press on the keypad again. Crewmates can close the task then open it again if they did not memorize the pattern, as the pattern will play through once more.


  • Start Reactor is a perfect task for Impostors to fake because the time it takes for a Crewmate to complete the task can vary greatly. Impostors can also Sabotage while pretending to run this task and most likely can get away with it.
  • In the game's files, Start Reactor's texture data is referred to as "SimonSays," which is also a common nickname for the task used by fans.
  • Start Reactor, Unlock Manifolds, and Calibrate Distributor are the only tasks that require pressing specific buttons to complete. Start Reactor and Unlock Manifolds reset when the wrong button is pressed and Calibrate Distributor resets when one of the buttons is pressed at the wrong time.


Description Audio
The sound played when the sequence is shown on the task.
The sound played when the player puts the wrong sequence.


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