This article is for the location on The Skeld, MIRA HQ and Polus.
For the location that serves a similar purpose on The Airship, see Cargo Bay.

Storage is a location in Among Us on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus.


The Skeld

On The Skeld, Storage has large containers in the middle of the room which only allow for movement around the walls of the room. On the bottom left of the pile of containers, there is a red gas canister, which is used to refill the fuel can during the Fuel Engines task. It has three doors: up, which leads to Cafeteria, passing Admin; left, which leads to Lower Engine, passing Electrical; and right, which leads to Shields, passing Communications. In the bottom right corner of the room, there is a lever and a hatch where the garbage is flushed away for the second stage of the Empty Garbage task, which is a visual task.


On this map, Storage is located near the Cafeteria. Inside the room is a bookcase which contains old materials, including the watering can, which is used for the Water Plants task. A Fix Wiring panel is located at the exit of the room.


Here, Storage is a small, isolated room with only a few boxes and a red gas canister, which is once again used to refill the fuel can during the Fuel Engines task. There is also a venting hole there, which is connected to the holes in the Office and the one near Communications. There is a window which allows players to see both into and out of Storage depending on where they stand, located at the south of the room.


The Skeld

Name Stages Task Type
Fuel Engines 1A/2A of 1A-2B Long
Empty Garbage 2 of 2 Long
Empty Chute 2 of 2 Long
Fix Wiring 1-2 of 3 Common


Name Stages Task Type
Fix Wiring 1 of 3 Common
Water Plants 1 of 2 Long


Name Stages Task Type
Fuel Engines 1A/2A of 1A-2B Long



Door Sabotage

Impostor(s) can close the Storage doors (using the same map they use to Sabotage), locking people in and preventing them from doing tasks. On The Skeld, Crewmates must wait for the door to open; however, people can open the door by activating four disabled buttons on Polus.


On Polus, there is a vent in Storage that leads to Office and the outside of Communications. However, on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, there are no vents.


  • All Storage tasks are multi-stage tasks.
  • In The Skeld's Storage room, there is a floating green container. This could either be a result of a gravitational anomaly or, more plausibly, a large quantity of lifting gas.
    • Players with no hats and no names can completely hide their body behind the floating box as long as it is floating up. Once it starts floating down, the top of the player will be visible.
  • In the Empty Garbage task found on The Skeld in this location, the Tunisian Diamond and Teleporter reference a game in the Henry Stickmin series, Stealing the Diamond.


Description Audio
The main setting sound of Storage on MIRA HQ.


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