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Submit Scan is a short or long task in Among Us, featured on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus.


Submit Scan is completed by a player standing on top of the scanning platform which scans them for around ten seconds. The task reports the Crewmate's height and weight, which are the same for all players, except for Fortegreen, who weighs 132 pounds. The color of the player, along with their ID and a random blood type, are also reported. While scanning, this information is displayed on the interface, and a holographic overlay is shown both to themselves and other players. The hologram allows Crewmates to prove their innocence, and thus making it easier to discover The Impostor. The overlay will not display for other players if visual tasks are disabled.

Multiple players may not perform Submit Scan simultaneously. If a player is already scanning, other players accessing the panel will have to wait in a queue for the current player to finish before initiating their own scan. The message "Waiting for [Player name]" will display to let them know this is happening.

The message is displayed even if visual tasks are disabled, allowing players to use the queue to confirm each other's innocence. If a Crewmate cancels their scan while another player is waiting for them, the second player will begin their scan, allowing the first player to confirm their innocence by accessing the scanner again.

Color IDs[]

The ID for each color is listed here.

Color ID
Red REDP0[note 1]
Blue BLUP0[note 1]
Green GREP0[note 1]
Pink PINP0[note 1]
Orange ORAP0[note 1]
Yellow YELP0[note 1]
Black BLAP0[note 1]
White WHIP0[note 1]
Purple PURP0[note 1]
Brown BROP0[note 1]
Cyan CYAP0[note 1]
Lime LIMP0[note 1]
Maroon MARP0[note 1]
Rose ROSP0[note 1]
Banana BANP0[note 1]
Gray GRAP0[note 1]
Tan TANP0[note 1]
Coral CORP0[note 1]
Fortegreen REDP0[note 1]

BLUP0[note 1] (Practice)

Blood Type Correspondence[]

P0 O-
P1 AB+
P2 B+
P3 A+
P4 O+
P5 AB-
P6 B-
P7 A-
P8 O-
P9 AB+
P1O B+
P11 A+
P12 O+
P13 AB-
P14 B-
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 1.19 0 represents the number assigned to the player when they joined. The numbers are marked from 0–14. For example, if a player was the seventh player to join, their ID would use 6 instead of 0.


  • Originally, Submit Scan was considered a common task, but Innersloth decided to make it a long task, while the Fix Wiring task was classified as a common task.[1]
  • In a previous version of Among Us, there was a glitch where if a Crewmate repeatedly got off and on the scanner, they would appear to have the visual animation of being scanned while moving. They could repeatedly prove their innocence doing this. The higher the ping was, the more easily players could achieve this glitch.
  • When the task is begun, there is a response that says, "Scan Requested". The time this takes is usually too short to see the message. The message is displayed for long enough if the player in question is playing as Fortegreen or the host's internet connection is poor.
  • The scanner used to complete Submit Scan is named "Scan-Mo-Tron-2000".
  • If a ghost is performing Submit Scan, living Crewmates will have to wait for the ghost to finish. Ghosts will also have to wait for living Crewmates to finish completing the task.
  • All the other tasks on The Skeld can be opened by either clicking or tapping on the task or using the Use button. However, Submit Scan can only be opened via the Use button, unlike the other tasks on The Skeld.
  • In the Nintendo Switch edition of Among Us, there is a bug that prevents the height of the scanning Crewmate from showing.
  • The scan animation cannot be seen if a ghost is completing the task, even in the scanner's perspective.
  • If a Crewmate is killed while completing the Submit Scan task, the killed player will earn the "Watch me Scan" achievement.



Sound when a scan is in progress (only heard in the scanner's perspective).


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