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Swipe Card is a common task in Among Us, featured on The Skeld and Polus.


The player must tap or click the card in the wallet to take it out, and then swipe/drag it on the draw frame. The card needs to be timed correctly, as swiping/dragging too slow, too fast, or taking their hand off early will fail to complete the task, and consequently, the player must try again. There also must be a fast swiping motion somewhere in the card swipe, making the time window of a successful swipe very short when the player tries to keep a consistent speed. This task also introduces the player's wallet with a picture of a small family.




The sound played when the card is being taken out of the wallet.
The sound played when the player puts the card on the dowel.
The sounds played when the card is being swiped.
The sound played when the card is successfully passed.
The sound played when the card gives an error when it is passed incorrectly.