Swipe Card is a common task in Among Us, completed on The Skeld and Polus, and located in Admin and Office respectively.


The player must tap the card in the wallet to take it out, and then swipe it on the draw frame. The card needs to be timed correctly, as swiping too slow, too fast, or taking their hand off early will fail to complete the task, and consequently, the player must try again. There also must be a fast swiping motion somewhere in the card swipe, making the time window of a successful swipe very short when the player tries to keep a consistent speed. This task also introduces the player's wallet with a picture of a small family.

For some players, this is one of the toughest tasks in Among Us, while it usually takes them about one to two tries for others. The trick is for the player to control their swiping speed. This task is usually quite easy for mobile players, but is generally hard because players need to time the swipe right. Many players don't finish swiping the card to the other side, resulting in a bad read. A trick is to swipe it fast halfway and then swipe the other half slowly to get it done quickly. Once the player swipes the card correctly, the red light on the draw frame will turn off, the green light beside the red light will turn on, and the task will be completed.


  • Enter Id Code is a counterpart to this task, in which the card is registered by manually entering a code written on the card, rather than swiping the card on a card reader.
  • The photo of Orange, Green, and Cyan is the same photo seen beneath the "New Friends!" photo, which introduced Cyan.
  • There is an easier way to complete Swipe Card via abusing an oversight: players can also swipe the card left and right two to four times very quickly, and the task should be completed. If a player fails while doing this, they should try the method again.
    • It can also be completed by starting slowly and then doing the rest quickly.
  • The sound effect heard when a player fails to swipe the card can be heard in Completing the Mission, the sixth game of the Henry Stickmin series, when Charles attempts to hack the door in the Valiant Hero ending.


Description Audio
The sound played when the player puts the card on the dowel.
The sound played when the card is successfully passed.
The sound played when the card gives an error when it is passed incorrectly.
The sounds played when the card is being swiped.
The sound played when the card is being taken out of the wallet.


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