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The task bar, also known as the gauge in How to Play, is a UI element in Among Us that shows players the completion of tasks. It is located in the top-left corner of the screen and can update at different periods or not at all depending on the game's options.


The task bar is visible to both Crewmates and Impostors and is displayed above the player's task list. When the task bar is full, the Crewmates win the game. To fill the task bar, Crewmates must complete their tasks. If a task has multiple stages, Crewmates must finish all stages before the task bar's progress increases. For example, in Upload Data, when a player downloads data in the task's first stage, the task bar does not fill. However, when a player uploads data in the task's last stage, the task bar will fill.

Because Impostors are unable to complete tasks, they cannot fill the task bar. However, Impostors can pretend to complete a task by standing by where a task would usually be and waiting for the task bar to go up. Crewmates can be fooled into thinking that The Impostor completed a task. Faking a task is easier to pull off when the task bar updates are set during emergency meetings or never in the game's options, because Impostors do not have to wait for the task bar to increase in those cases.

When and how the task bar is updated can be changed in the options. By default, the task bar's progress will always update, but it can also be set to update only during emergency meetings caused by either the emergency button or a report, or it can be set not to update at all, meaning it will not be present on players' screens.

Whenever Comms Sabotaged is active, the bar will instead fill itself with dark green, hiding the task progress from view.


  • On Polus, when the task bar is set to never update and player vision is high enough, players can stand at a specific spot by Specimen Room and will be able to see other players coming and going into Office. This does not work when the task bar is on-screen, as it obscures the view.