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The task list is a UI element in Among Us that shows players which tasks they have. It is located in the top-left corner of the screen, below the task bar. It can be hidden and shown by clicking the text on the right, or by pressing L in the Nintendo Switch edition. Tasks are formatted as "Location: Task," along with "(Stages Completed/Total Stages)" if there are multiple stages.


The task list displays each task assigned to a player, regardless of their role. However, An Impostor's task list will say "Fake Tasks:" above the listed tasks. Each task in the task list is colored depending on its completion status: white text represents tasks that have not been progressed, yellow text represents tasks with some progress, and green text represents completed tasks. An example is Divert Power to Shields; when the task has not been progressed, it will display, "Electrical: Divert Power to Shields (0/2)" in white. When the task has been progressed, it will display "Shields: Accept Diverted Power (1/2)" in yellow. When the task is completed, it will display "Shields: Accept Diverted Power (2/2)" in green. Due to Impostors' inability to complete tasks, all tasks will appear and remain white.

If a player is An Impostor and/or a ghost, they'll have a message written in red at the top of the task list, describing their goal. Impostors receive "Sabotage and kill everyone", while Crewmate ghosts receive "You are dead. Finish your tasks to win." Impostor ghosts will have their fake task list removed, and their message replaced with "You're dead. You can still sabotage."

During any Sabotage other than Door Sabotage, flashing red and yellow text will appear at the bottom of the task list, showing information regarding the current Sabotage. Reactor Meltdown and Reset Seismic Stabilizers will show how long until The Impostors win if left unresolved, and how many fingerprint scanners are active. Oxygen Depleted and Avert Crash Course's messages will show how long until Impostors win if left unresolved, and how many stages of the Sabotage have been resolved. Fix Lights's message will show the light level, which will quickly decrease to %0 when the Sabotage is triggered. Comms Sabotaged's message will only show the Sabotage name, although on MIRA HQ, the number of stages resolved will be displayed. Comms Sabotaged's message will replace everything else on a Crewmate's task list until it is resolved.

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