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The Skeld, often shortened to Skeld, is the first map in Among Us, set on a spaceship in outer space. It is automatically selected upon opening the game for the first time. The map was the only one included in the first version of the game's launch in 2018, with MIRA HQ, Polus, The Airship, and The Fungle being added subsequently.

Description and Appearance

The Skeld is a huge spaceship painted in a bluish-gray color. The ship has several rooms, each with its functions, and is moved by two combustion engines in the back rooms with five thrusters in their backs, which are powered by a reactor located between the two engines. The ship is fully equipped, being armed with two remote-controlled red energy cannons in its upper right corner and two shields that can be powered electrically in the lower right corner. Behind the shields, several communication antennas can be seen, which appear to be in constant contact with unknown beings. Still behind, a garbage disposal compartment can be seen. The ship also has a canteen, administration, medbay, security systems, and a storage room. The ship appears to belong to MIRA, as it is operated by the same crew members who work there. The ship appears to have a compartment somewhere that the Dropship enters, as if it were an emergency capsule.

In the trailer for The Fungle, The Skeld is considerably larger than in the game itself. More of its external appearance is revealed, in which the ship has a flat, gray-painted fuselage made up of several segmented plates. It has two small wings on its sides that are painted in cobalt blue, as is its pointed nose. The cockpit is located just above in a small cabin with several cage-like grilles. There, the ship is piloted by Red, who guides it using a small stick similar to that of an airplane, with Blue being his co-pilot and operating the ship's electronic systems. A compartment housing the Dropship is located somewhere underneath the ship and it also has a surface scanning system.



Cafeteria is the spawn point on The Skeld. The location contains a beige-checkered floor, five blue lunch tables with the emergency button on the center table, blue walls with a red stripe at the base, and a huge window at the top. It is connected to three hallways and contains a vent. In Hide n Seek, the emergency button will be broken, as if something had crushed it.


Weapons is connected to two hallways and has a vent, and Weapons also has two floor types. It has yellow-gray walls that are a little deeper than usual, a small window at top right, a white-beige-checkered bridge with bars surrounded (which probably prevents the Crew from falling off the bridge), a bluish-gray floor underneath the bridge, several energy tubes underneath the bridge, and a medium-sized reactor in the upper left corner which gives power to the tubes. In its center, on the bridge, there is a seat with a holographic screen and two levers. Outside, there are two gray cannons with red tips connected to a turret. The tubes underneath the bridge probably also has a purpose: collecting data from the levers' interactions and sending them to the cannons.


Navigation is a room with two portions. The walls of Navigation is dark-gray-colored with a gray stripe in the middle. In its left portion, which is the back, there is an exit leading to Hallway, and a bluish-gray floor with a metallic blue stripe in the width of the exit across it, which divides the floor portion into two parts. In both parts, there is a small window on the floors of each, and red stripes on the floors of each, and a vent in corners of each. In its right portion, which is the front, it has several high-tech panels with corresponding seats that are used to control the ship, and a window floor.

  • Tasks:
    • Accept Diverted Power (Stage 2) (top-left)
    • Chart Course (top-right)
    • Download Data (Stage 1) (top-right)
    • Fix Wiring (Stage 1, 2, or 3) (left)
    • Stabilize Steering (right)


O2 houses a number pad for resolving Oxygen Depleted. It is the place where the ship's oxygen is produced. It is connected to a single hallway.


Shields is connected to two hallways and contains a vent. It is the ship's main means of defense, having two shields activated by a panel.

  • Tasks:
    • Accept Diverted Power (Stage 2) (top-right)
    • Clean Vent (bottom)
    • Prime Shields (bottom-left)


Communications contains the computer used to fix Comms Sabotaged. It is connected to a single hallway. is responsible for the crew's communication with their destination.

  • Tasks:
    • Accept Diverted Power (Stage 2) (top-right)
    • Download Data (Stage 1) (top)
  • Sabotages:
    • Comms Sabotaged


Storage contains containers in the middle of the room, which obstruct vision to the other side. It is connected to three hallways. It is the place where the ship's cargo is stored, and also has a fuel supply and a lever that removes the ship's trash.

  • Tasks:
    • Empty Garbage (bottom-right)
    • Empty Chute (bottom-right)
    • Fix Wiring (top-left)
    • Fuel Engines (center)


Admin contains the Admin map and a number pad for resolving Oxygen Depleted. It is connected to one hallway and contains a vent. It is the place where you can manage the ship, containing a map that reveals the location of the other crewmates.


Electrical contains the electrical panel used to resolve Fix Lights. It is connected to a single hallway and contains a vent. It is responsible for the ship's electrical system, as well as control over all electricity networks.

Lower Engine

Lower Engine is connected to two hallways and contains a vent to reactor. It activates the ship's two lower thrusters.


Security contains Security for monitoring players, is connected to one hallway, and contains a vent. In this room, the player will be able to monitor different parts of the ship, being able to catch impostors in the act or find out who is acting suspiciously through a computer connected to several cameras located throughout the ship.

  • Tasks:
    • Accept Diverted Power (top-right)
    • Fix Wiring (left)


Reactor contains two hand readers to resolve Reactor Meltdown. It is connected to one hallway and contains two vents connecting to both engines. it works with an unknown energy that powers the two engines. the impostor may sabotage it, requiring the crew's intervention. If it is not met, the ship theoretically explodes, as seen in an achievement on Google Play Games.

Upper Engine

Upper Engine is connected to two hallways and contains a vent leading to reactor. activates the two upper thrusters.

  • Tasks:
    • Accept Diverted Power (top)
    • Align Engine Output (bottom-right)
    • Fuel Engines (bottom-right)


MedBay is connected to one hallway and contains a vent. It is the place where injured crewmates are treated, as well as being scanned using x-rays. also has a computer that can examine samples.

Full map


  • There are four visual tasks in total on The Skeld. Crewmates are able to prove their innocence by completing these in front of other Crewmates if visual task effects are enabled in the game's options by the host before the game starts.
    • The Skeld is the map in Among Us with the most visual tasks, while the map with the least visual tasks is The Airship, which has none.
  • Various vent systems are littered throughout The Skeld, similar to Polus, The Airship, and The Fungle.
  • During April Fools, the textures and layout of The Skeld were reversed, causing the map to appear as if it is flying backward. The Skeld's name is also changed to "ehT dlekS".
    • Players could also set their device clock to April 1 to do this at any time.
  • Due to the many visual tasks in The Skeld, it is considered the easiest map when visual task effects are enabled.
  • Ghosts can fly out of The Skeld, although there is an invisible barrier that eventually stops them before they go too far out.
  • From October 19 to October 31, The Skeld, along with MIRA HQ, received some visual changes, giving it Halloween decorations such as webs, spiders, bats, pumpkins, candles, etc. Players' devices can have their date set to any time during that period to play the game with these maps, even in online play.
  • The Skeld is the fourth-largest map in the game, the smallest being MIRA HQ, the third-largest being Polus, the second-largest being The Fungle, and the largest being The Airship.
  • There are 14 vents and also 14 locations, but they are not evenly distributed. The three rooms without vents (O2, Communications, and Storage) are matched by the second vent in Reactor, the second vent in Navigation, and a vent in an unnamed corridor north of Shields.
  • The Skeld's shape is shown beneath the hexagons in Prime Shields.
  • In an earlier version of Among Us, there were Security cameras in Electrical and Reactor.
  • The Skeld is the only currently released map to contain tasks in each location.
    • Also, note that each location contains at least 2 tasks.
  • The Skeld's name was based on the Swedish word for 'Shield', possibly due to the ship's shape.
  • In the Quick Chat interface, The Skeld is shortened to "Skeld".
  • The vent layout of The Skeld is vertically symmetrical.
  • The Skeld is the only map in Among Us not to have a promotional banner.
  • The Skeld is the only map which shares a spawn point and meeting point.
  • When standing still, the screen slowly shakes around, simulating the effect of movement. This is disabled if "Screen Shake" is turned off in the settings.
  • The Skeld and The Fungle are the only maps where the players never decontaminate, On MIRA HQ and Polus, the players use the Decontamination rooms at least once and on The Airship, the players use the Decontaminate task.
    • Note that on The Airship, its not always applicable as the Decontaminate task is not always given to every player.
  • Cafeteria, Reactor, and Upper Engine on The Fungle are comprised of the crashed ruins from The Skeld.
  • The Electrical has become a place extremely feared by players due to its danger, since the chance of being killed when entering there was high due to the high number of tasks in the room, the presence of doors and ventilation and the absence of cameras, allowing the impostor to kill the crew member and escape without being seen.
  • The Admin became one of the most hated rooms in the game due to the pass keycard task, which was considered difficult by many. An achievement has been added to Google Play Games in reference to this.


The main ambience sound of The Skeld.
The ambience sound of the hallways on The Skeld.



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