This article is for the task on The Skeld, Polus, and The Airship.
For the MIRA HQ upload task, see Process Data.

Upload Data is a task in Among Us, completed on The Skeld as a short task, on Polus as a long task, and on The Airship as a short and long task.


Stage 1: Download Data

A Crewmate assigned with Upload Data must go to the designated location to download data, which makes up the first stage. This process takes at least 8.7 seconds. The download location is determined at the beginning of the game.

Location Map
Armory The Airship
Brig The Airship
Cafeteria The Skeld
Cargo Bay The Airship
Cockpit The Airship
Communications The Skeld, The Airship
Electrical The Skeld, Polus
Gap Room The Airship
Medical The Airship
Navigation The Skeld
O2 Polus
Office Polus
Records The Airship
Specimen Room Polus
Vault The Airship
Viewing Deck The Airship
Weapons The Skeld, Polus

Stage 2: Upload Data

After completing the first stage, the Crewmate must then go to either Admin on The Skeld, Communications on Polus or Outside on The Airship to upload data, which makes up the second stage. This process also takes at least 8.7 seconds.

On The Airship, the player will have a mobile device instead of tabs as the interface. The player needs to drag the mobile device around until the network connection improves. The following indicators with colors are:

  • NONE indicates that there is no network and the data does not upload.
  • POOR indicates that the network is slow and the data uploads slowly.
  • GOOD indicates that the network is good and the data uploads at a moderate speed.
  • PERFECT indicates that the network is excellent and the data uploads the fastest.


  • Due to Upload Data's long completion time, Impostors, while pretending to complete this task, can use the time to lower their kill cooldown or to Sabotage.
  • Crewmates were only assigned Upload Data once in a game, so Impostors should not have approached two Download Data panels in the presence of living Crewmates. This appears to have changed in version 2021.4.12.
  • Because several Upload Data's panels are near vents and the task's UI covers a large majority of a player's screen, An Impostor also faking that download can use a vent to get away and kill a Crewmate, use the vent to get back, and the Crewmate that was running the task would not have seen The Impostor kill.
  • On The Skeld, the data can only be uploaded at Admin. If a player goes into Admin and stands near the upload panel at the start of the game, they may be pretending to complete the task, as the data needs to be downloaded before it can be uploaded. Players who come here immediately are most likely An Impostor. This rule also applies to the upload panel in Communications on Polus and Outside on The Airship.
  • As this task does not have the player do anything else, the player can watch the surroundings to see if anyone approaches them. The exception is uploading data on The Airship, however, the player can continue watching the surroundings after finding a connection.


  • Upload Data's completion and visual appearance is somewhat similar to the Process Data task completed on MIRA HQ.
  • On an older version of Among Us, Upload Data in O2 on Polus was downloaded from "LifeSupp", which is the old name for the "O2" room. The name was changed to "O2" in a later update.
  • Until it reaches 70%, the percentage of the process data increases in increments of exactly 14%. It starts off with high amounts of time, in days, but then it drastically gets shorter for each increment of 14% until it counts down from three seconds at 70%-100%.
  • Even if the download is at 100%, it does not end until the animated Crewmate reaches the file on the right and the file closes. This is why the time to complete the task can vary.
  • The task is named (Location): Download Data at the first stage and is named (Location): Upload Data at the second stage.
  • Just like Repair Drill on Polus, the outer boundary of the interface of the tablet in the second stage of the Upload Data task on The Airship matches the player's color.
  • In Freeplay, it is possible to do more than one Upload Data task.


Description Audio
The sound played on The Airship as data is being uploaded


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