Use is an ability in Among Us, used by Crewmates, Impostors, and Crewmate ghosts.


Use is the main ability used by all roles, excluding Impostor ghosts, to interact with most objects throughout the map. It is used to access tasks, fix Sabotages, press the emergency button, open Decontamination doors, and open locked doors on Polus and The Airship. Crewmate ghosts can only use it to interact with tasks.

Use will be replaced by specific buttons when players are near other abilities, such as Admin or Doorlog. Additionally, Impostors have Sabotage replacing it at all times except when they are near another ability panel, such as a vent. Use's keybinds on PC are E and the spacebar, and the keybind on the Nintendo Switch edition is the A button.

All Players Admin Button The Skeld.png Customize.png Doorlog.png Report.png Security button.png Use.png Vitals.png
Specific Roles
Kill.png Sabotage.png Vent.png

Impostors Only


Host Only

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