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I'm Caburum, an avid Among Us fan and an admin of this wiki.

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If you need any help, contact me or any of the other staff!
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Message mattberns#5047
Message Caburum#9531
Message Shosoul#1705
Message Bendybao#8910
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Also, make sure you know the wiki rules!

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I am normally active between 7am and 10pm EST, but I have school between 7:30am and 12pm on weekdays.

Fun Fact: The Process Data task processes a file named cake_report.png.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How can I help the wiki?

A: You can contribute new information. We also have some projects we host in our Discord server, mostly large tasks. You can also make sure you know the rules and report problems you see to the staff. Also, make sure that your edits follow the Manual of Style.

Q: Is fan art allowed?

A: Yes, but only in the Art/Animations category of discussions.

Q: Are fan stories allowed?

A: Yes, either in the Stories category of discussions for short ones or your user blog for longer ones and series/novels.

Q: How do I...

Add custom images to my profile Stop getting announcements
See Help:Custom images See Help:Unfollowing

Q: Can I be a mod?

A: We occasionally have mod applications which will be announced on the wiki. Asking to be a mod will most likely get your application declined. You will be able to fill out a form, which the admins and bureaucrats read. All staff must have Discord and be semi-active in our server. If you meet the qualifications, like being active (150-200+ posts for d-mods and 200-300+ edits for c-mods), an established member of the community, and answer the questions correctly (I suggest reading the info about staff perms and jobs on Among Us Wiki:Staff), then you will probably get an interview (on Discord). In interviews, we do some "live action" questions, putting you in situations and testing your ability.

Q: Can I be an admin?

A: No. First of all, we don't need any more admins. Secondly, you can't just become an admin. You have to first be a mod and really help the wiki. And third, admin is given out on a case by case basis created by the bureaucrats. If you're a good mod and go above and beyond, we might promote you.

Q: Well, how did you become an admin?

A: Okay, so a while before Among Us was popular I was playing it. I found this wiki on Google and started to contribute. I worked on adding lots of new pages and images with information. I saw that Bendy asked to be an admin and was accepted. I decided I would also ask if I could be on August 3, 2020 because why not. A few weeks later, Matt replied and said I was accepted on August 25, 2020. After that, Among Us exploded and the wiki became extremely popular. Things are way different now, and admin isn't a thing you can just ask for here.

Caburum plays as Cyan.
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We are no longer looking for more staff!
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Special Thanks
LuhmanA for making a new version of my PFP

IIStarrdusttII for making some great art of my Among Us character


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