❛❛Can't kill my la-di-da vibe
Suffocate my feelin' alright
Or asphyxiate my hype~❜❜
- From Good To Be Alive by CG5


Hello there, I'm Mallows, a regular Wikian. I jump from Wiki to Wiki from time to time, which is why you will most likely see me here every now and then, sometimes with larger gaps.

I don't play Among Us anymore unless with friends, the main reason behind it being that I'm having major trouble creating an account. This has caused enough frustration to never touch Among Us until I can properly chat again.

Anyway, I like learning new things about the game, and I especially love listening to Among Us songs! My favorite Among Us songs are the following: Good To Be Alive, Lyin 2 Me, and Show Yourself by CG5; It Ain't Me and Why by Chewiecatt; Ambush by DAGames; No Reason To Lie by NateWantsToBattle; and So Suspicious by OR3O.

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day!


Colossal Wonders plays as Black.

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