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Hello there. My name is James. Thanks for visiting my user page.

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Hello there, I am a content moderator on the Among Us Wiki.
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This is me. (I go as JJ773 in Among Us.) Artwork of my Among Us character from the talented Starr!

Hey! My name is James and I am just here to help people learn more about the creative game that some of you may have heard of: Among Us! I may just make some edits periodically if I learn something new or have any nice images. Have a great day! :)

More beautiful artwork, this one from Cloudydays!

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Helenaandjames wears Ski Goggles.
Helenaandjames plays as Cyan.

Trivia Time!!!

  • I try to play as Cyan, but if another player takes or has that color already, I don't really mind too much what color I am.
  • My sister's name is Helena. That explains my username. Also, literally nobody else has it as their username.
  • Another username I use is JJ773. It is my name in Among Us, too.
  • I like to take screenshots in Among Us and upload them to the wiki.
  • My actual favorite color is turquoise, but it is definitely close enough to cyan for me to prefer playing as that color.
  • My favorite food is probably 🍉.
  • My favorite animals are dogs, cats, and turtles. I like most animals though.
  • I'm not going to keep ranting. Go explore the rest of the wiki!

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