Queen Dusk plays as Blue.


Hello there humans and non-humans, and welcome to my user page!

I'm just a friendly dragon who sits at their computer all day staring at it and waiting for things to happen.

I do art trades/requests if anyone wants a doodle of their OC and commissions are always open! :D

In Among Us I play as blue (or purple, or yellow if blue isn't available. Yellow is sort of a last resort if I'm honest) with a mohawk and archaeologist skin, and my name is Snudoooooo (hmm see if you get the reference - I'm looking at you, WoF fans!)

Please read the rules (they may seem a bit daunting but do read them - it's worth not getting banned for it).

My likes and dislikes


  • Among Us (duh)
  • Minecraft
  • FNaF
  • The Sims 4
  • Pokémon Go


  • Wings Of Fire
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Andddd now I notice that despite how much I read, I don't have much variety.

Songs and bands/artists

  • So I can't exactly name all of them as I like sooo many songs (over 100, I'm not joking). Most notable, however, are:
    • CG5
    • Mallory Knox
    • Imagine Dragons
    • Halsey
    • (those are all artists and bands)

Random facts about me

  • If I draw my own character I usually draw them smiling hehe.
  • I like the colour blue, and lots of other colours. Lots and lots and lots. But mainly blue.
  • Yes my profile picture is a foot.
  • So what?

Some brilliant friends and acquaintances!

  • James - A friendly, chill guy with great ideas.
  • Hm - An excellent hmmer, a great editor and all round good person!
  • Lemen - A very cool and collected cat!
  • Sssmartie - Good at what he does and always full of interesting opinions.
  • Orang - A kind person who always has something good to say.
  • Chikorita - A hardworking and dedicated admin, and epic Scratch programmer!
  • Pancakez - A comedy god - I swear he needs a crown or something.
  • Essence - A supportive and gay kitty I chat to more over discord than anything else.
  • Cab - The bureaucrat I've talked to probably the most during my time here on the wiki.
  • Razbury - Brilliant artist and friendly person!
  • The killerwhale5612 - Fellow WoF lover and artist!
  • Greep - Friendly fellow froot cult member.
  • SRD - Very nice person and counting buddy on the discord server!
  • Jubyhgb - Kind pixel artist (also fellow hater of Reset Breakers).

Languages: 30#.png Svenska

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Froot and Among Sus

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