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  • I exist
  • I am the Bot Developer for the Discord Server.
  • I am also the creator of Among Us Wiki Bot, but Caburum generally runs it.
  • Please feel free to message me or any of the Staff if you have any questions!
  • My opinion on UCP is yesn't.
  • The Discord Bot's opinion of UCP is an error message.
  • I'm a touch inactive on the wiki at the moment because of skool and working on the bot
  • I will catch you if you delete warnings or blocks. I go through deleted messages at least once every two days.
  • I'd like to thank Caburum for helping "spice" up my profile.

Fun Fact: MIRA HQ has only one visual task, being Submit Scan.


Frequently Asked Questions
Thanks Caburum for outlining this because the first part is partially taken from his own FAQ page.

Q: How can I help the wiki?

A: You can contribute new information. We also have some projects we host in our Discord server, mostly large tasks. You can also make sure you know the rules and report problems you see to the staff. Also, make sure that your edits follow the Manual of Style.

Q: Is fan art allowed?

A: Yes, but only in the Art/Animations category of discussions.

Q: Are fan stories allowed?

A: Yes, either in the Stories category of discussions for short ones or your user blog for longer ones and series/novels.

Q: How do I...

Add custom images to my profile Stop getting announcements
See Help:Custom images See Help:Unfollowing

Q: Can I be a mod?

A: We occasionally have mod applications which will be announced on the wiki. Asking to be a mod will most likely get your application declined. You will be able to fill out a form, which the admins and bureaucrats read. All staff must have Discord and be semi-active in our server. If you meet the qualifications, like being active (150-200+ posts for d-mods and 200-300+ edits for c-mods), an established member of the community, and answer the questions correctly (I suggest reading the info about staff perms and jobs on Among Us Wiki:Staff), then you will probably get an interview (on Discord). In interviews, we do some "live action" questions, putting you in situations and testing your ability. However, if you are very active in making quality edits or making quality contributions and reports in discussions, it may catch my eye and I will make a recommendation to my fellow bureaucrats.

Q: Is it possible to become an admin?

A: Not at this time. First of all, we don't need any more admins. You must additionally be a mod prior to promotion and there are currently no admin vacancies right now.

Q: Well, how did you become an admin?

A: I started playing Among Us shortly before it exploded in popularity. I worked on improving the wiki in my spare time, and eventually joined the Discord server while it was very early into its creation. I then created the Among Us Wiki Discord Bot (Fun Fact: This is the profile associated with the Discord bot!) and was promoted to discord staff, and then finally admin. I am the third admin to be promoted, after Bendy's promotion, and Caburum's promotion. I do not have a promotion message on my wall because my promotion was made on Discord.

Q: I've been blocked and want to appeal to you. What can I do to maximize my chances of a successful appeal?

A: Your best chances with me in general is to give me a genuine apology and commit to not violating the rules again. Depending on the severity of the offense and the quality of the apology, I may reduce your block or outright unblock you. However, if you believe what you did was not a rule violation or believe the rule should be changed, write a compelling case to me about it in a respectful manner.

Shosoul plays as Cyan.
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We are no longer looking for more staff!
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