a386b578-a286-4efe-b932-255059adc2f7#.png Hello. I am Thundercat.
Impostors. You. Are not welcome here. Go.
Crewmates. You. Are permitted to stay.
Impostors. Do not. Think. That. I cannot tell the difference.
To think so, would be a mistake.
Do you want to make a mistake, foolish mortal beings?
Crewmates. Welcome to my profile. Enjoy your stay.


  • Fun Fact: I am 78,239,417,757 years old.
  • Fun Fact: I didn't want to use the template for fun facts because now it has huge pictures that take up 99% of the screen.
  • Fun Fact: I have seven tails.
  • Fun Fact: I know some of you Impostors are still there. Get. Out.
  • Fun Fact: I'm out of fun facts :/


⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀My doggy, Cylo ⠀⠀^^^

Since I'm a c-mod, I should probably have some serious stuff on my profile. So here it is: contact me for anything that you feel like should be changed on a protected page, or page deletions, or edit wars, or whatever. One thing that doesn't change about me is that I'm always unreasonably happy to help, with anything.

Thundercat3 plays as Orange.


Friends and Acquaintances on the Wiki

The Cab man
Back when I joined the wiki, and Cab and Shosoul were admins instead of bureaucrats, this was one of the first users I met. He helped me get started in contributing to the wiki, and I don't think I'd be here today without him. And, of course, he deserves a mention because he is one of the best staff out there.

The ruler of hms
The wiki just wouldn't be the same without Petri. In my stage of being a rollback, this user always stole the rollbacks from me, because they were just always online. Always was the first to see bad edits, and always was the first to give their famous hm to whatever someone says on the Discord.

Dusk and Chikorita
These two have done a lot for the wiki, between always making great edits and suggestions, and never saying anything awkward or rude. I'm not surprised at all that Dusk is arguably the most active current rollback, or that Chikorita quickly climbed from content mod to admin. They are very valuable to this wiki.

Where do I start? I've run into this awesome user so many times. He supported my story and still has, even through my massive writer's block. He got his well-deserved promotion to content moderator at the same time as me, and is doing a really good job of honoring the trust that comes with the position. I don't really know what else to say about him, except I hope he keeps up the good work!

Matt and Shosoul
I don't really have any personal reason for putting them on this list, but they're just awesome bureaucrats. Matt was patient enough to keep this wiki going for so long, even when Among Us wasn't popular enough to get a lot of users on the wiki. And Shosoul helped the Among Us Wiki become what it is today, with his knowledge of coding and bots, both on the wiki and the Discord. They deserve in every way to be two of the three bureaucrats of this wiki.

Poll thingy

If you have scrolled down far enough on my profile to see this, then know that you can edit this section. You may add one vote - AND ONLY ONE - to a single option.

Why are you here?

  • Because I was gonna message you on your message wall and stopped by - 0 votes
  • Because I found out about this poll - 1 votes
  • Because I like the fact that you're welcoming Crewmates and not Impostors - 1 votes
  • All three of the above - 0 votes
  • TO KILL U :) - 0 votes
  • TO STEAL U COOKIE :) - 3 votes
  • ALL THREE OF THE ABOVE :) - 0 votes
  • All of the above - 1 votes


That's the end of my profile. Farewell.

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