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Vault is a location in Among Us on The Airship.


The Airship

Vault is a large, circular room divided into four sections. It is located near the top left of the map. Two of these sections have two mannequins each, while the other two have gold and artifacts in them, being a golden gun and a red halo energy sword, respectively. In the middle of all the sections, the Romanian Ruby from The Henry Stickmin Collection is on display, used for completing the Polish Ruby task. There is a vent on the left, which leads directly to the one in Cockpit and a camera attached to the door on the right, which leads to Brig.


The Airship

Name Stages Task Type
Download Data 1 of 2 Short and long
Polish Ruby 1 of 1 Short
Dress Mannequin 1 of 1 Short



Vault contains one vent that is interconnected to the vents in Cockpit and Viewing Deck.


  • The gem in the center of the room is the Romanian Ruby, a large ruby that Henry Stickmin stole during the Pure Blooded Thief pathway.
    • At the top left of the room, the clawpack that Henry used to try and steal the ruby can be seen.
  • A red hat can be found near the top right of the room, resembling the Stout Shako (and by extension referencing the Demopan meme) from Team Fortress 2.
  • The paintings at the top of the room contain various references to popular culture and memes. These include:
  • At the top of the room, there is a fake Fix Wiring panel.
  • Impostors cannot Sabotage the doors in Vault. However, they can Sabotage the doors at the only exit, which is Brig.
    • When they do this, the sprite for the door between Vault and Brig uses a different sprite compared to most other Sabotaged doors on The Airship.