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For those who recently started playing Among Us, this article may be very useful to learn how the game works and what to do.
This article is for the ability.
For the object, see Vent (object).
Alternatively, for the location, see Ventilation.

Vent is an ability in Among Us, only usable by living Impostors as a way to travel and hide around the map.


When An Impostor is in close proximity to a vent, the Sabotage button will be replaced with the vent button. If clicked, an animation shows the player jumping into the vent, an action visible to any other players who can see the vent in their vision. The vent opening and closing can be seen even outside of vision on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, but the player who vented cannot be seen. Once in the vents, arrows are displayed, pointing in the directions of connected vents. Hiding in the vents pauses The Impostor's kill cooldown until exited.


  • On MIRA HQ, all vents are interconnected. This makes it the only map where Impostors can travel to a vent that is not adjacent to another vent.
  • On Polus, the vents appear as dug-out holes and are divided into four separate systems.
  • There are not vents in every location.
  • Outside on Polus has the highest number of vents out of any location; six in total.
  • Crewmates can see the animation of vents opening from other rooms or outside of their circle of vision; however, they cannot see The Impostor entering or exiting the vent.
    • This does not work on Polus, as there is no vent animation.
  • The back of An Impostor clips through the vent when using it.
  • When An Impostor is in a vent, they will still show up on Admin.
  • If An Impostor has a pet, their pet will disappear a few frames after they enter a vent. The pet will reappear, again a few frames before the The Impostor can be seen leaving the vent.
  • If an emergency meeting is called while An Impostor is inside a vent, The Impostor may briefly appear above the vent in a standing position before being moved to the meeting table. A Crewmate observing this will be able to expose The Impostor.


Description Audio
The sound played when An Impostor enters or leaves a vent.
The sounds played when An Impostor crawls through a vent.
Dummied out sound originally intended to be played when An Impostor enters or leaves a vent on Polus. Currently, vents on Polus are silent.
The sounds played when An Impostor crawls through a vent on Polus.



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