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This article is for the ability.
For the object, see Vent (object).
Alternatively, for the task, see Clean Vent.

Vent is an ability in Among Us, only usable by living Impostors or Engineers as a way to travel and hide around the map.

In Hide n Seek, the ability is renamed Hide, and is available to all living Crewmates, but not the Impostor.


When An Impostor or Engineer is close to a vent, the vent button becomes usable. If clicked, an animation shows the player jumping into the vent, an action visible to any other players who can see the vent in their vision. The vent opening and closing can be seen even outside of vision on The Skeld and MIRA HQ, but the player who vented cannot be seen. Once in the vents, arrows are displayed, pointing in the directions of connected vents. Hiding in the vents pauses The Impostor's kill cooldown until exited.

Engineers are also able to travel through vents. However, depending on the lobby options, they can only stay in the vent for a limited time and must wait some time for the ability to become available again. This is because it is impossible to be killed while in a vent. Engineers cannot travel through vents while Comms Sabotaged is active.

Impostors and Engineers will be prevented from using or traveling to any vent that is in use by a Crewmate completing Clean Vent, and anyone that is currently in the vent will be forced out of it once a Crewmate begins the task. Engineers with Clean Vent cannot enter the vent they have the task in until they complete the task. If an Engineer or Impostor enters a vent that is connected to a vent a Crewmate is using to complete Clean Vent, the arrow pointing to that vent will be marked with a red X.

In Hide n Seek, there is no cooldown, but Crewmates can only hide in vents a certain number of times. This can be configured in the lobby options from a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 5, with 1 being the default. In comparison to the Engineer's vent ability, the duration of the hide ability is far shorter, thus Crewmates must be quick if they wish to travel to another room.


  • The term "venting" is commonly used by players to describe using a vent. This term was officially used in the description for Engineers.
  • On MIRA HQ, all vents are interconnected. This makes it the only map where Impostors and Engineers can travel to a vent that is not adjacent to another vent.
    • Some of these vents are different sizes. For example, the vent in Balcony on MIRA HQ is smaller than other vents.
  • On Polus, the vents appear as dug-out holes and are divided into four separate systems.
  • Engineer cannot vent during coms sabotaged, but impostors can.
  • Vents are not in every location.
  • Outside on Polus has the highest number of vents out of any location; six in total.
  • Crewmates can see the animation of vents opening from other rooms or outside of their circle of vision; however, they cannot see the character entering or exiting the vent.
    • This does not work on Polus, as there is no vent animation on the vent.
  • The back of Impostors and Engineers clip through the vent when using it.
  • When someone is in a vent, they will still show up on Admin.
  • If the vent user has a pet, their pet will disappear a few frames after they enter a vent. The pet will reappear, again a few frames before the vent user can be seen leaving the vent.
  • If an emergency meeting is called while someone is inside a vent, they may briefly appear above the vent in a standing position before being moved to the meeting table.
  • In an older version of Among Us, the vent button would replace the Sabotage button when usable.
  • In an older version of Among Us, if an Engineer entered a vent and then moved to a vent that they must use to complete Clean Vent, they would not be able to come out of said vent in particular. The countdown for when Engineers get forced out of the vent would go down infinitely while in a vent they needed to clean.
  • Engineers cannot be killed while inside a vent. However, they can still be killed during the animation that plays when using the vent. If this happens, they will be unable to move until the next emergency meeting.
  • If a Shapeshifter's shapeshift duration ends while in a vent, their original pet will appear over the vent. This was later fixed in version 2023.2.28.
  • This is the first ability to have a different name depending on the game mode.



The sound played when a player enters or exits a vent.
The sounds played when a player crawls through a vent.
Dummied out sound originally intended to be played when a player enters or exits a vent on Polus. Currently, vents on Polus are silent.
The sounds played when a player crawls through a vent on Polus.
The sound that plays when a player is forced out of a vent by a Crewmate performing the Clean Vent task.