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This article is for the object.
For the ability, see vent.
Alternatively, for the task, see Clean Vent.

Vents are objects in Among Us usable by living Impostors and Engineers via the vent ability and by Crewmates when completing Clean Vent.


Vents appear as rounded, rectangular grates on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and The Airship. The grates have five vertical slits across the middle and a screw hole in each of the four corners. On Polus, vents appear as dark holes in the ground with small cracks extending from them.


Living Impostors and Engineers may enter vents using the vent ability. When they do so, they walk towards the vent if they are not directly on top of it, the vent opens, they jump in the vent, and it closes. If they have a pet, their pet disappears shortly after their body. Vents can be seen opening and closing even outside of players' vision. However, Polus vents cannot be seen doing this as they have no covering.

When inside a vent, vent users can go to other specific vents. However, on MIRA HQ, all vents connect to one another. Anyone in a vent can see everything outside the vent within their vision. They can exit the vent at any time, but Engineers will be forced out after some time. Vent users cannot see others that are in the vent. Although Crewmates cannot see characters in vents directly, they can see them via Admin.

As of version 2021.6.30, Crewmates can be assigned the Clean Vent task which involves clearing debris such as pizza slices, tennis balls, and paper clips. Crewmates performing this task can be detrimental to Impostors and Engineers, as they will be unable to travel to the vent that they are cleaning. Additionally, anyone that is in a vent when a Crewmate begins cleaning it will be forced out, exposing them.


The Skeld
Locations Numbers Leads To...
Admin 1 Cafeteria, east hall
Cafeteria 1 Admin, east hall
Electrical 1 MedBay, Security
Lower Engine 1 Reactor (lower)
MedBay 1 Electrical, Security
Navigation 2
Reactor 2
Security 1 Electrical, MedBay
Shields 1 Navigation (lower)
Upper Engine 1 Reactor (upper)
Weapons 1 Navigation (upper)
Location Numbers Leads To...
Admin 1 Greenhouse, Hallway, Office
Balcony 1 Cafeteria, MedBay
Decontamination 1 Laboratory, Launchpad, Reactor
Greenhouse 1 Admin, Office
Hallway 1 Admin, Balcony
Laboratory 1 Decontamination, Office, Reactor
Launchpad 1 Locker Room, Reactor
Locker Room 1 Decontamination, Launchpad, MedBay
MedBay 1 Balcony, Locker Room
Office 1 Admin, Greenhouse, Laboratory
Reactor 1 Decontamination, Laboratory, Launchpad
Location Numbers Leads To...
Admin 1 Outside (Admin), Outside (lava)
Electrical 1 O2, Outside (lower Electrical)
Laboratory 1 Outside (lava)
O2 1 Electrical, Outside (lower Electrical)
Office 1 Outside (Communications), Storage
Outside 6
  • Outside (Admin) → Admin
  • Outside (Communications) → Office, Storage
  • Outside (Laboratory) → Outside (upper Electrical)
  • Outside (lava) → Admin, Laboratory
  • Outside (lower Electrical) → Electrical, O2
  • Outside (upper Electrical) → Outside (Laboratory)
Storage 1 Office, Outside (Communications)
The Airship
Location Numbers Leads To...
Cargo Bay 1 Records, Showers
Cockpit 1 Vault, Viewing Deck
Engine Room 1 Kitchen, Main Hall (lower)
Gap Room 2
Kitchen 1 Engine Room, Main Hall (lower)
Main Hall 2
Records 1 Cargo Bay, Showers
Showers 1 Cargo Bay, Records
Vault 1 Cockpit
Viewing Deck 1 Cockpit


  • The vent in Electrical on Polus has a damaged grate cover next to it.
  • Communications is the only location in all four maps to contain no vents.
  • The vent in Balcony on MIRA HQ is slightly smaller than other vents.
  • More than one character can jump into the same vent.