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Vents are objects in Among Us only usable by living Impostors via the vent ability.


Vents appear as rounded, rectangular grates on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and The Airship. The grates have five vertical slits across the middle and a screw hole in each of the four corners. On Polus, vents appear as dark holes in the ground with small cracks extending from them.


Living Impostors may enter vents using the vent ability. When An Impostor does so, they walk towards the vent if they are not directly on top of it, the vent opens, The Impostor jumps in the vent, and it closes. If they have a pet, their pet disappears. Vents can be seen opening and closing even outside of players' vision. However, Polus's vents cannot be seen doing this as they have no covering.

When inside a vent, Impostors can go to other specific vents. However, on MIRA HQ, all vents connect to one another. An Impostor in a vent can see everything outside the vent within their vision. They can exit the vent at any time. An Impostor cannot see other Impostors that are in the vent. Although Crewmates cannot see Impostors in vents directly, they can see Impostors in vents via Admin.


The Skeld
Locations Numbers
Cafeteria 1
Admin 1
Weapons 1
MedBay 1
Navigation 2
Shields 1
Electrical 1
Upper Engine 1
Lower Engine 1
Reactor 2
Security 1
Location Numbers
Launchpad 1
MedBay 1
Locker Room 1
Hallway 1
Decontamination 1
Reactor 1
Laboratory 1
Office 1
Admin 1
Greenhouse 1
Balcony 1
Location Numbers
Outside 6
Laboratory 1
Office 1
Admin 1
Storage 1
Electrical 1
O2 1



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