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Victoria Tran, also known as TheVTran online, is the community director at Innersloth and resides in Canada.[2] Her job is handling most of the community communications, talking to everyone, and streamlining the flow of information to Innersloth's developers. This clears up time for them to work on Among Us, priorities, improvements, etc. She manages the official Among Us and Innersloth Twitter accounts.[3] She also probably runs the other Among Us social media accounts, including TikTok and Instagram.[4]


  • Victoria has starred in a Nintendo Minute YouTube video as a guest speaker, where she said she has never eaten a fast-food hamburger.[5]
  • She presents herself as Brown with the Note 2 Self attached on its visor in several tweets. This is also her usual avatar when playing Among Us, as seen on some streams where she played with several Among Us content creators.


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