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Vision is the area around a player in which other players, dead bodies and certain objects can be seen. The edge of a player's field of vision is represented by the fade to darkness - which turns what is outside of it a darker shade than that in the player's vision.


The vision of players is set at a certain radius around them but can be obstructed by walls and closed doors. Players that are right next to a closed door may be visible to players on the opposite side. Some objects within walls, such as windows or glass, allow players to see through them. Vision around corners is limited to a straight line tangent to the corner.

Crewmates and Impostors can be given different levels of vision in the game options. The lowest possible vision is 0.25× and the highest being 5×. During the Fix Lights Sabotage, Crewmates' vision decreases whereas Impostors' vision is not. Ghosts have unlimited vision and can see through all objects and walls - regardless of whether the Fix Lights Sabotage is ongoing or not.

Vision only affects the visibility of players, dead bodies and certain objects. It does not affect the visibility of doors, including their animations and whether they are closed or open, or vent animations. If the vent does not have an animation, such as the vents on Polus, there will be no visible indication of whether it is used when outside of a player's vision.

List of Transparent Walls

Map Location Transparency
MIRA HQ Doors to Balcony Fully transparent; occupied space is always viewable, regardless of vision
MIRA HQ Glass wall on right side of Reactor Transparent from the hallway side
MIRA HQ Glass wall on the left side of Laboratory Transparent from the hallway side
Polus Window at the top of Office, near the emergency button Fully transparent
Polus Window at the bottom-right of Weapons Fully transparent
Polus Window at the bottom-right of Communications Fully transparent
Polus Window at the bottom of Storage Fully transparent
Polus Window at the top of Electrical Fully transparent
Polus Windows at the top of Specimen Room Fully transparent
Polus Windows between Admin and Specimen Room Fully transparent
The Airship Window at the bottom of Kitchen Fully transparent
The Airship Windows at the bottom of Viewing Deck Fully transparent
The Airship Windows at the bottom of Hall of Portraits Fully transparent
The Airship Windows at the left side of Cockpit Fully transparent
The Airship Windows at the right side of Cargo Bay Fully transparent


  • If Crewmate vision is set at 4.0× or higher, Fix Lights will have practically no effect on their vision.
  • After version 2020.11.17, there was a bug in the game where when a player's vision is at 0.25x (or lower because of lights being Sabotaged), the sprites for the Decontamination doors on MIRA HQ are invisible. When a player pressed against the south side of one of the doors, part of their sprite would have been cut off by the seemingly invisible door.
    • There was also another bug in version 2021.3.5 causing half, or in some cases even most, of the player's vision to be obscured. This also tied into players seeing through walls in said update.
    • These glitches have since been fixed.
  • The Crewmate Vision and Impostor Vision options used to be called "Crewmate Light" and "Impostor Light", respectively.
  • The darkroom in Main Hall on The Airship shrinks players' vision as if Fix Lights was active.
    • Impostors are not affected by this, even if their vision level is as low or lower than the Crewmates'.
  • Although there is no window seen in Kitchen on The Airship, players can still see outside from the ship.
  • The circle that makes up a character's vision has its center positioned at their feet.
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