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Visual tasks are tasks that all players can see being performed. Watching a Crewmate complete a visual task can allow them to prove that they are not An Impostor, as Impostors cannot run tasks. Visual effects for tasks can be turned off by the host in the game options. Impostors should avoid faking visual tasks if the effects are turned on, as the absence of the visual effects betray their role.

List of visual tasks

Name Maps Visual?
Submit Scan The Skeld
Empty Garbage The Skeld
The Airship
Clear Asteroids The Skeld
Prime Shields The Skeld

Empty Garbage

The Skeld Empty Garbage visual indicator.png
Main article: Empty Garbage

Empty Garbage and Empty Chute are nearly identical tasks that are visual tasks on The Skeld. Empty Garbage starts in Cafeteria, and Empty Chute starts in O2. Regardless of which task a player has, both have a second stage in the bottom right of Storage that is visual.

To complete them, the player must pull the lever on the side of the screen and hold until everything is gone. Usually, it is full of leaves, but sometimes there are items related to the Henry Stickmin series inside. These items are easter eggs and have no importance in the game.

If a player witnesses another completing the final stage of these tasks in Storage, they will see a chute open and let items out on the very bottom of the map.

Empty Garbage also appears on all other maps, but are not visual tasks on these maps.

Submit Scan

A Crewmate running Submit Scan in MedBay. Note the green hologram around the Crewmate, which is visible to all players.

Main article: Submit Scan

Submit Scan can be found on The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus, and consists of the player standing on top of a capsule that begins to scan them while their information is shown, all in about ten seconds. While running the task, a hologram that scans the player is shown both to themselves and other players, making it a task that proves innocence, and thus, lowering the challenge to discover The Impostor.

Clear Asteroids

The Skeld Clear Asteroids visual indicator.png
Main article: Clear Asteroids

Clear Asteroids can be found on The Skeld and Polus, and is located in Weapons. The task is also available in Balcony on MIRA HQ, but is not visual on this map. To complete task, the player must click on the passing asteroids until 20 asteroids have been destroyed. On The Skeld, after every shot, a laser comes out from the barrel of the turret, which is visible for every player. On Polus, the barrel will also shoot lasers.

Prime Shields

When the first player who has this task completes it, the shields activate. When another player does the task after a player has already activated it, they blink.

Main article: Prime Shields

Prime Shields can be found on The Skeld and is located in Shields. To complete it, the player must click on all of the red hexagons, beginning with a random count between two and five. After this, the lights on the bottom right of the ship will turn yellow. After one Crewmate completes Prime Shields, all subsequent completions of the task will cause the shields to blink. This task is also available in Admin on MIRA HQ, but is not a visual on this map.


  • In a previous version of Among Us, An Impostor could complete Submit Scan if it was in their fake task list.
  • The visual effects for Clear Asteroids, Empty Garbage, and Prime Shields still occur if the task is completed by a ghost. Impostors can use this knowledge to trick the Crew into thinking they are a Crewmate. However, this strategy is very hard to use as ghosts are invisible to living players.
    • This trick does not work on MIRA HQ because the only visual task, Submit Scan, is not visual to living players when a ghost is doing it.
  • On The Skeld, it is possible to be assigned all the visual tasks. However, this is very rare.
  • If a player opens and closes the Submit Scan task many times, they may be able to walk around the map while scanning. This is a server bug.
    • This is an easy way to confirm oneself as a Crewmate, as they can search for players while scanning.
    • A higher ping can make this bug easier to pull off.
  • Submit Scan is the only task that is visual and exists on three different maps.
  • If a Crewmate does a visual task, the visual element of the task (the cannons shooting on Polus and The Skeld, the shields lighting up on The Skeld, etc.) will always be visible to the Crewmate performing the task, regardless of whether visual tasks are on or not. This can be confusing to new players — or players who did not check whether visual tasks were on—as, if the visual task setting is off, they may accuse a Crewmate of faking a visual task if they did not see the animations, but it was genuine.
  • The Airship is the only map to not feature any visual tasks.
  • MIRA HQ only has one visual task, which is Submit Scan.
  • Due to a bug introduced in version 2022.3.29, Clean O2 Filter could be considered a visual task, because opening the task causes the character to jolt left.