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Vitals is an ability in Among Us, which any player, including ghosts, can use to get information on which players are alive or dead.


Vitals is found in Office and Medical, on Polus and The Airship respectively. This ability is used to check players' vital signs to see who is alive, dead, or has disconnected. All players appear in the order that they joined the lobby.

Scientists have access to a portable Vitals monitor which can be accessed from anywhere on the map. The Vitals monitor has a battery which drains when in use and recharges when completing tasks. If all tasks are completed, the battery is recharged after a cooldown period. Scientists are still able to access the stationary Vitals monitors found on Polus and The Airship.

Vitals may be used to find Impostors who report the dead bodies of Crewmates they killed themselves.


Vitals screen.png

When viewing Vitals, players are listed in the order that they joined the game. The following indicators show the status of the respective player:

  • OK indicates that the player is still alive.
  • DED indicates that the player has been killed since the last emergency meeting and hasn't disconnected from the game. This means that their dead body is somewhere on the map, and can be reported.
  • D/C indicates that the player's body does not exist and/or that the player has disconnected from the game. This could be because they were killed before the last emergency meeting, were ejected, or simply disconnected.

Note that if a player disconnects after being killed, and despite it being before the next meeting, they will appear as "D/C" even though their body is on the map and still reportable. This makes it impossible for other players to tell whether they left after they were killed, or disconnected while alive.

Characters that are marked as OK have a reading of their heartbeat, the speed of which is random and meaningless. Characters marked as DED flatline. Characters marked as D/C have no reading.


  • The company that made the machine is named "Simsong", a parody to the real-life Korean electronic company Samsung.
  • The code "Y2K-404", found in the bottom-right corner, is most likely a reference to the Y2K phenomenon and the HTTP 404 error when a page or file requested on the internet is not found.
  • The number "20190707" can be seen on the bottom-right corner, which could mean Vitals' UI was designed on July 7, 2019.
  • The Vitals button does not appear on The Airship; the standard Use button appears instead.
  • Some earlier macOS versions of the game post-Polus release contained a bug where using Vitals whilst a simultaneous emergency meeting and body report occurred would crash the game.
  • The Vitals monitor received several modifications in version 2021.6.15:
    • The Vitals monitor displays the players' vital signs horizontally in rows of three, rather than vertically in columns. This is presumably to accommodate for the addition of five extra players.
    • Before the version 2021.6.15 update, a dead player was marked as "DEAD" on Vitals rather than "DED".
    • There was a visual bug in which some of the colors would be matched with an incorrect name (example: Purple's Vital name would say "BRWN", which means Brown). In version 2021.6.15, the Vitals monitor was updated to remove the names, so this no longer applies.
  • Prior to its release, the Shift interface was revealed to be based on the Vitals interface, but red instead of blue, in a teaser. This was changed to be based on the emergency meeting interface by the time the Shapeshifter role was released.