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Vitals are an ability in Among Us that can be accessed on Polus. They can be used by all players regardless of role or whether or not they are alive.


Vitals are found in Office on Polus. This ability is used to check players' vital signs to see who is alive, dead, or has disconnected. The players appear in the order that they joined the game.

Vitals may be used to find Impostors who report the dead bodies of Crewmates they killed themselves.


The Vitals interface.

When viewing Vitals, players are listed in the order that they joined the game. The following indicators show the status of the respective player:

  • OK indicates that the player is still alive.
  • DEAD indicates that the player has been killed since the last emergency meeting and hasn't disconnected from the game. This means that their body is somewhere on the map, and can be reported.
  • D/C indicates that the player's body does not exist and/or that the player has disconnected from the game. This could be because they were killed before the last emergency meeting, were ejected, or simply disconnected.

Note that if a player disconnects after being killed, before the next meeting, they will appear as "D/C" despite their body still being on the map. This makes it impossible for other players to tell whether they were killed, or disconnected while alive.


  • The company that made the machine is named "Simsong", a parody to the real-life Korean electronic company Samsung.
  • The code "Y2K-404", found in the bottom-left corner, is most likely a reference to the Y2K phenomenon and the HTTP 404 error when a page or file requested on the internet is not found.
  • The number "20190707" can be seen on the bottom right corner, which could mean Vitals' UI was designed on July 7, 2019.


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